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How Technology is Transforming the Way Start-Ups Function

Published: May 11, 2016  |   | 

How Technology is Transforming the Way Start-Ups Function
Technology has transformed our lives in many ways. The infinite products/services offered have built-in convenience and flexibility, thus improving the quality of our life. While well-known brands introduced some of these innovative products and services that have become an inherent part of our lifestyle, most of them are from companies that are starting out. You may have observed a sudden rise in the number of start-ups, each offering something unique, thus filling the gap that existed in your lifestyle. While the United States of America is still known as the Start-up nation globally, numerous start-ups from other countries have made an impact in our lives too. Start-ups have begun contributing to the economy in a major way; in fact, it shifts the nation’s economic structure, bringing in more efficiency, productivity and healthy competition. Start-ups have not just delivered value to the customers, but also impacted the cities and countries they live in positively. How Google has affected Mountain View or the Alibaba has transformed Hangzhou examples of how start-ups go on to impact cities and countries. Start-ups either offer technology products/services or are tech-aided to offer you a quality lifestyle. Let’s see how the growth in technology has impacted the way start-ups function.

Connect & Collaborate

It is important for start-ups to achieve a certain reach to gain conversions. Along with reach, start-ups need to be able to connect and collaborate with their clients and their team anywhere at any time. Technology has offered a wide range of tools like Dropbox, Skype, Trello, etc. which in turn has made connecting easy for start-ups. Dropbox helps share the documents, files, etc. and allows people to access them in remote locations. If your team is located in remote locations, Trello is your planning & collaborating tool, as it helps conduct your project as planned. Facebook is planning to come out with a Facebook for Work solution, which will help people in the offices to connect & collaborate with each other. It is aimed at making the workplace more productive as it offers easy methods to connect with co-workers, and get things done. Facebook is looking for a secure solution and is taking the mobile-first approach.

Informed Decisions

Actionable intelligence moves forward from big data. Big Data involves collecting information from the various sources, scrubbing this available data and finally processing the same to make relevant data available to the businesses. Actionable insights move a little further from here. It involves analyzing this processed data and converting them into insights that are made available to key decision makers in real-time, which helps make informed decisions. For start-ups, actionable intelligence works in their favor. The trends evolve real fast, which makes it necessary for start-ups to evolve and adapt to the change. Big Data has helped many start-ups keep an eye out for changing trends, and evolve so that they don’t need to shut shop. Uber has caught up on the changing trends and has taken the necessary steps to keep growing. Actionable Intelligence helps start-ups grow, and keep evolving to match the footsteps of changing trends.

Planning & Time Management

When you are starting out, you don’t have a defined structure or team, which makes it difficult for you to complete your tasks on time. Technology has helped start-ups plan their duties and manage their time efficiently, thus helping them complete the tasks on time with the promised quality. With VoIP tools, you can conduct meetings with ease, and with the infinite tools that allow accessibility, work does not stop at any moment for the start-ups.

Transforming with Wearable Tech

The wearable tech has also introduced transformation in the way start-ups function. As an entrepreneur who is just starting out, productivity is a must-have. Augmented reality helps achieve productivity with the accessibility it offers. You can not only network during events and conferences, but also search for office spaces with ease with augmented reality. It furthers convenience and ease of access. The wearable tech will induce efficiency within your start-up, thus saving time & effort. Technology is in your hand all the while, either in the form of a smartphone or a wristband, which helps access information in real-time, thus accelerating the time-to-market your products/services. In fact, with so much knowledge you can improve the quality of your products and services. Technology is enhancing the quality of start-ups, thus transforming the way it functions. The efficiency & productivity of start-ups has improved with technology solutions. If you are looking for startup solutions that can help you improve your products/services, you have knocked the right door. Semaphore Software has aided numerous start-ups from the scratch, to help them grow and innovate. Our Offshore web development services help start-ups concentrate on their core business, and become better. Get in touch with us with your requirement at info@semaphore-software.com