How SMAC Helps Businesses?

Published: Jun 14, 2016  |   | 

How SMAC Helps Businesses?
Chances are you are hearing the term ‘SMAC’ for the first time and wondering how this can help your business. SMAC is an acronym for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, a concept that emerged as the byproduct of digital marketing revolution. The world of business has undergone a sea change in the digital era with customers becoming an important part in the product and service development process. It thus becomes all the more important to constantly engage with the end customers. As organizations are increasingly investing in bridging this gap, SMAC Stack Services is helping them realize their dreams. Let us take a look at how this strategy can help your business.

Accessibility To Data & Information

Enterprise mobility solutions have changed workplaces around the world and helped implement BYOD environment. Mobility solutions are an integral part of the SMAC strategy. They ensure employees have quick & easy access to the data. When this is combined with real-time analytics, it helps make informed decisions. Mobility solutions are an effective driver of productivity and when data is generated through multiple channels, employees have deeper insight into the emerging trends & opportunities in the market.

Multi-Channel Customer Experience

SMAC offers a multi-channel customer experience to your target audience. In a world, where communication has become as important as products & services, adoption of this marketing strategy allows you to reach your customers faster and communicate your message more precisely. As newer social and online channels for communication emerge, they become part of this strategy.

Bigger Revenue Opportunities

A well-planned & implemented SMAC strategy opens up new opportunities of revenue for businesses. It allows you to market your products and services effectively amongst target audience. Analytics and business intelligence helps you identify your customers’ needs and generate strong business leads that can be translated into sales. SMAC ensures businesses know the pulse of the market and can bring out products and services based on consumer aspirations.

Cost Optimization

Optimizing cost is always an important business goal. Moving data to the cloud would allow you to optimize the operational cost for your business. This will benefit the small businesses that cannot afford to setup and manage the expensive data centres. Moving all business data to the cloud helps in cutting down operational costs and improving accessibility.

Improved Collaboration

Collaboration has become an essential ingredient for success in the competitive business world. Apart from improving on-premise collaboration, you also need to create a strong collaborative environment with your vendors and other associates to improve productivity and minimize costs. This also reduces the time for a new product or service to be launched into the market and offers you a competitive advantage over your rivals. To sum up SMAC technologies will help you achieve higher operational efficiency, open up better revenue streams and reduce time to market products and services. To draw maximum mileage out of this technology, you need to hire a complete IT solution provider. Semaphore Software is a leading web development company with exposure to cloud, mobile, analytics and social media marketing services. We would help you establish relationship with your clients and monetize this relationship. To know the possibilities with SMAC stack services, write to us at