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Government Project — How Silver Touch Redeveloped Air India Portal

Published: Sep 1, 2016  |   | 

Government Project — How Silver Touch Redeveloped Air India Portal
Silver Touch Technologies provided a solution that aimed to remodel the appearance, content, functionality and website usability on a Content Management System (CMS) developed by the company.The Project Manager in charge mindfully supervised each aspect of the website to be compatible on every mobile device, adaptable in 7 different languages and tested on all security measures. The entire project was an absolute success in just 5 months and has 14millioncheck-ins already.

More Details in the Video below!

Founded in 1932 (as Tata Airlines), Air India is a government owned domestic and international carrier. It has developed into one of the fastest growing airlines in the history of commercial aviation. Among the few airlines to have won a Star Alliance membership, it seeks to reflect the best of Indian hospitality. The airline manages to fly 370+ flights a day and operates a fleet of 114 Airbus and Boeing Aircrafts serving 65+ domestic and 30+ international destinations in 19 countries. Having to manage such a cumbersome schedule each day, the airline was looking to re-design and re-develop the existing portal for a seamless experience. It wanted everything,including all the categories to be contained on a single website for easy navigation.

Why Silver Touch Technologies?

The company turns great ideas into digital solutions with a dynamic team of designers, developers, analysts, professional strategists and project managers to drive your business forward and take you where you deserve to be.Experience has taught us great design doesn’t just happen by chance – it takes real dedication, and a fat dose of natural talent all built on a concrete foundation! Connect with us at info@semaphore-software.com to evolve your idea into an appropriate portal development solutions.