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How On-Demand App Plays Significant Role in the World?

Published: Sep 1, 2018  |   | 

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Last week, my friends and I were playing a game at my home. It was dinner time, and no one was in the mood to cook, so we were hunting for food in the house. One of my friend Riya shouted ‘Pizza’ anyone ready? All were like yes we are in. Riya said, 20-minute guys! Pizza will be on our table. Everyone was like wow how’s that possible; she told that with using the app buddy. This was one of the best examples to explain how the on-demand app works. The on-demand apps act as a mediator between the provider and customers by allowing the user to order anything online. From food delivery app to ride to a person app, from salon to the home services app all are covered in on-demand apps. These on-demand apps are covering 22.4 million consumers annually spend $60 billion to attract an audience. It provides service apps that cater into different segments for various industries, let’s quickly dive in.
  • Transport Industry: This on-demand travel app fits your travel needs on any occasion at every point. Whether you’re an attending a lavish party or heading to the airport with luggage, one needn’t like to wait for public transport. So most of the user prefers to choose to pick up and drop transport services.
  • Salon Industry: Waiting in the salon is time-consuming as you want to reach at some place urgently at a given time. So you only have two options with you either you wait for your turn or get to the site without service. Now, this is possible with the on-demand app at your place with the help of salon expert with giving you full service you required.
  • Food & Grocery Industry: There no need to find specific food in this traffic jams. Feeling hungry order the food and full your appetite with a delicious meal at your place. Also, no waiting in the queue for buying your home groceries view the products and add to the cart using any grocery app with paying. Your things will reach your doorstep within few minutes.
  • Entertainment Industry: If you have planned to watch a movie this weekend, when you reached the theatre you came to know that it’s full of what you’ll do next? But now as the entertainment app is in your pocket, you can book the tickets online and reserve it before the show time. Isn’t it great!
  • Laundry Industry: In this busy schedule picking up the clothes, carrying to the laundry shop & while taking it back the job is still not done make you mad. But what if the laundry app employee would come and picks your clothes and delivers when the job is done. Isn’t this makes your work schedule better and comfortable? Do try out your own.
  • Healthcare Industry: One never knows when a medical emergency arrives, so why not use the on-demand app from your mobile phone and troubleshoot the crises. Using the app, the patient can easily communicate with the doctor and make an online consultation with getting an immediate cure.

What is the idea behind designing an On-demand app?

An on-demand app would explore the new idea which uses online services to change the scenario. With the rising in mobile app development, there is a rapidly increasing demand seen in the number of startups that offers on-demand services. The industries such as food, travel, grocery, laundry and similar are having a maximum number of users who can stand out in the competitions. Many sectors in the market bring the speed, quality, accuracy and customer loyalty to shape the on-demand economy. Why should one choose on-demand apps?
  • For better service delivery and scalability
  • Users are more satisfied and productive
  • Less expensive and available for a long run
  • It’s very easy to upgrades and is very secure
  • Comes with user-friendliness and easy to customize
Wrapping up…. The primary focus of on-demand apps is to satisfy the clients by providing quality services. If you have a great idea and planning to build an on-demand app, you can hire app developers to make appealing apps. Connect with us to raise your idea.