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How Empowered Employees Help Boost your Business Profits?

Published: Aug 11, 2016  |   | 

How Empowered Employees Help Boost your Business Profits?

Many IT companies are constantly struggling to keep up with the changing IT trends, so that they can improve the IT infrastructure accordingly. The main aim of IT department is to boost productivity and reduce infrastructure costs. BYOD (Bring your Own Device) has evolved to empower your employees by allowing them to access corporate mail and data that works in their favor using their phones and laptops. The BYOD is governed by the company’s security policy to mitigate the risks posed to the business sensitive data.

Most of the mobile phones are advanced, and have better features allowing increased efficiency and productivity within the organizations. While, companies are hesitant to adopt the BYOD as it does not allow the IT department complete control over the devices, they are trying to plan adoption of BYOD using best security practices.

Is BYOD beneficial to employees? Read on to know

When you let your employees work independently, they feel more empowered and are highly productive. The outcome is better for the company as a result. That’s the beauty of the changing dynamics of business organizations in the modern world.

Today employees no longer have to work under a rigid framework but can innovate and incorporate newer ideas that help the company move forward. With the growing usage of hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets, the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is no longer new.An increasing number of enterprises are adopting the BYOD policies to enhance overall productivity, thus benefitting the company in the long run.

Enhanced mobility is definitely one of the most obvious advantages of BYOD and this is what is attracting enterprises.

Know the advantages of BYOD to enterprises

Makes Employees Happy

When you let your employees work with a device they are comfortable with, they are bound to be more efficient and productive. They are happier upgrading their personal devices rather than learning a completely new one that’s provided by you. When you cut down on learning time by giving the employees the freedom to use their own devices and making them more business-friendly, you are in for an advantage.

Save Upfront Cost

BYOD is not just about increased productivity, but also about saving money. You don’t need to invest money into buying new devices, which in turn adds to your savings. Training overheads are significantly reduced, as they are well-versed with their own devices, be it a smartphone or a tablet. If you can motivate your employees to use consumer enterprise mobile applications such Dropbox, you can save on application outlays. Support and maintenance cost is reduced with a comprehensive BYOD policy in place.

Minimal IT Support Required

With BYOD policy, you reduce the load overlaid on your IT department, which causes stress in the employees within the department. It is a personal device hence, any issue or technical glitch need not be addressed to the IT department, which frees the resources to work on their core.

Scope to Work After Hours

When employees have the flexibility to work at their own pace thanks to BYOD applications, you can expect them to put in more hours after work. Employees can engage with clients after their office hours and bring in more business.

However, implementing BYOD policy in an organization is not very easy. You will need expertise, adequate knowledge and thorough understanding of what BYOD entails, to successfully implement it. Not only do you need to know but also educate the employees,about the risks and responsibilities of using BYOD in workplace.

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