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How Blockchain Technology can Help Healthcare Sector in Covid Era

Published: Oct 27, 2020  |   | 

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all industry sectors, but its impact is not been uniform. For example, it has disrupted sectors like manufacturing and retail while giving new opportunities to on-demand services. Talking about the healthcare sector, the impact of coronavirus is mixed because advancing technology has helped the sector mitigate the risks associated with the quarantine age.

The healthcare sector helps people and economy recover from the COVID-19 crisis. Futuristic technologies like AI and blockchain assist the sector to deal with this crisis globally. The blockchain technology enables healthcare organizations to establish an efficient and transparent business model with a higher accuracy and trust. In this pandemic age, when we strive for bringing normalcy, the healthcare sector can lend a helpin hand by utilizing the blockchain-based software.

Let’s dig deep in the role of blockchain technology in the healthcare sector in covid era.

How Blockchain Helps Healthcare Services to Combat Pandemic

Blockchain is a temper-proof technology. It can act as the firts line of protection by sending alerts about disease outbreaks using the network of connected devices. The custom software development process based on blockchain technology can help the sector prevent the spread of viruses by detecting epidemics early. What’s more, the healthcare sector can also leverage the benefits of this technology in rapid drug trials and impact management while treating patients.

Real-time information or alerts hold a key to prevent the pandemic. Blockchain can serve this objective effectively in a secure and immutable way. Using the customized Blockchain software, the health ministry of every country can share relevant information in the real time across nodal hospitals. Also, in case of a rise of any new communicable disease, it is possible to get alerts earlier. Faster implementation of travel restrictions and social distancing norms is a result of quick sharing of information.

Blockchain applications are useful in fighting COVID-19 and other pandemic disesases in four ways-

1. Tracking Disease Outbreaks

The blockchain development company can integrate blockchain-based features to track public health data for outbreaks like COVID-19. It results in more accurate responses and treatment with a higher transparency. The blockchain technology also helps the pharmaceutical companies develop vaccines or drugs rapidly by providing them necessary data and enabling early detection of symptoms. Also, government agencies or disease control organizations can keep track of the viruses and their spread using blockchain-based applications.

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2. Ensuring Crisis Management

Blockchain can effectively manage crisis situatin. It is possible to alert the public aout the Coronavirus by global health institutes using smart contracts based on blockchain. Governments can also send recommendations and SOPs instantly using this technology. What’s more, blockchain technology can provide a platform to bring governments, healthcare professionals, media, and health organizations together and share their views.

3. Managing Medical Supply Chains

One of the most important benefits of blockchain software development is it can assist healthcare organizations to manage medical supply chains. The technology has already set milestones in managing supply chains across various industry sectors. When it comes to the healthcare sector, IT solutions with built-in blockchain features can enable organizations to review, record, and track the demand, supply, and logistics of epidemic prevention material. Supply of PPE kits, ventilators, and other COVID-19 pandemic-related material can be effectively managed using the blockchain technology. Also, various parties can track the record and verify supply in a tamper-proof way.

4. Tracking Donations

Trust is a major factor in dontations. Blockchain can help healthcare organizations enhance trust when they utilize millions of dollars in various patient care services. If you own an NGO or a trust that manages healthcare donations, you can simply hire blockchain developers to integrate features that show donors where their funds are utilized and which areas require funding. You can also give a proof that victims have received contributions through the blockchain technology. In a way, blockchain-based applications bring transparency in funds and donations.

Wrapping Up

Contact tracing, supply chain management, and crisis management are some of the key sectors in which the blockchain-powered solutions work wonders in the healthcare sector. As a healthcare service provider, if you want to come up with a robust blockchain-based solution, you should consult a reputed software development company. It will assist you to combat against COVID-19 pandemic while offering excellent healthcare services.

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