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All you need to know about Google Duo!

Published: Aug 17, 2016  |   | 

All you need to know about Google Duo!
Earlier this year in Google I/O 2016, Google had announced the launch of a one-to-one video app that would simplify the task of video calling. On Tuesday, the California-based tech giant officially launched the much-awaited app of this year, Google Duo. The application is a serious competition to Apple’s FaceTime app that allows video calls only between Apple devices. Google’s own Hangout app, Facebooks’s Messenger app, and Microsoft’s Skype will also face rivalry from Duo. This all new video chatting application is available for Google’s Android users as well as Apple Inc.’s iOS users. The app is little different from other apps as it focuses on simplicity and supports video calls between just two people at a time. There is no option for group chat, filters or visual effects as in Google Hangouts. With the app, the company is solely focusing on keeping things least complex and reliable and hence has only the mobile version and no web or desktop versions. Duo has got some Cool Features! Read on to know

Access Through Phone Number

The app is very convenient as all you need to do is just enter your phone number and allow the app to access your phone’s address book. There is no requirement for users to have a Google account or signup or sign-in into any other account to operate. The set-up process is simple, and it includes verification of the phone number by sending a confirmation text from the device’s SIM to the number. Once the number is verified, the user is signed up to the app and ready to use it.

Simple Interface

The simple interface focuses on providing an advanced user interface and easy access to the users. The app functions simply from start to finish and all that one needs to have is a phone number to reach to the people in their contact list. Users can begin the video call in a single tap.

Knock Knock Feature

Google Duo has an innovative feature called Knock Knock that shows the video of the caller before answering the call. This feature lets the user know who is calling and what the purpose of the call is. When a user places a call on Duo, the video immediately starts streaming video that lets the user see who is calling before accepting the call. This feature will not work if the caller is someone who’s number is not saved in the user’s contact list.

Reliable and Fast

The main reason behind keeping the app simple is to achieve and maintain a reliable connection and speed throughout the video call, something that most apps fail at delivering. This app gives fast and dependable service even at slower networks. The call quality adjusts automatically, and the app switches between Wi-Fi and cellular data effortlessly and smoothly without causing any interruption in the call or dropping the call.

Add/Block Numbers

With its simple interface, users can place calls easily with a single click and least efforts. Users can block unwanted callers and prevent them from calling you again by simply long pressing and selecting the block option. Duo will be available worldwide in the next few days according to Google. Semaphore Software is a custom mobile app developing company having expertise and experience in delivering quality and reliable custom mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows since years. Write to us at info@semaphore-software.com to know more about our capabilities.