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Get Started with Offshore Software Development- Know Its Benefits and Cost

Published: Sep 1, 2022  |   | 

What is offshore software development?

Why not hire an in-house team or freelancers?

Is it easy to manage them from another location?

Well, these must be a few questions wandering in any business owner or entrepreneurs mind while thinking of hiring a team of experts to complete their project. Whether you are a startup or an established company, if you are thinking of launching an app, hiring the best offshore software development company would be the right decision.

Though it is a complex business decision, there are multiple benefits to hiring offshore software developers. However, we will also guide you through important factors to consider while hiring an offshore team.

There are multiple companies who hire offshore teams at lower prices but fail to get what they want. They might choose another development company, but not all the companies, especially startups have the privilege to invest again. These instances happen very often but still, the benefits of the offshore development services cannot be ignored. So, in order to answer all your queries, keep reading further.

Benefits of Offshore Software Development Services.

Offshore Software Development Benefits

benefits of Offshore Software Development do not have an end. They vary from business to business and their project. If you find it expensive to hire IT consultants, here is the list of benefits to hire offshore software developers.

Reasonable Price

Offshore developers save a lot of money compared to hiring freelancers or recruiting an in-house team. You can seek help from international countries to create a specific product for your business at a lower rate. But remember, do not compromise on quality for less rates. Top offshoring countries include Central Europe, Asia, North and South America. They may offer the cheapest hourly rates of all.

Offshore Development Cost

The development cost will always depend on the size and complexity of the project. However, the best offshore web development company like Semaphore, offers the best possible delivery in any circumstance.

Pool of Tech Experts

Offshore software development company provides a plethora of IT experts needed to set off the project. There are numerous tech graduates that enter the IT industry every year. With such wide talent, every IT company all over the world can hire and provide offshore services to companies that need to develop software or a web app.

Internal recruitment may take days and months to join and understand the requirement. Offshore development companies have trained experts with years of experience and updated tools to kick off the project instantly.

Fast Project Scaling- Quicker Delivery

The time spent on the recruitment process is longer than hiring offshore developers. With all the discussion and sessions, you can leave the work to them and concentrate on other business projects that need more attention. Maintain clear communication and set up calls to understand the progress at every stage of development. It will save a lot of your time, cost, and effort and you can outperform the competitors.

High Scalability

Development is tricky and you may not know how many developers you will need to complete the project you want to launch. The offshore development company allows you to scale up and expand the team to speed up the project and reduce the number of your in-house job involvement. You can avoid overpaying to search more candidates and save time behind training and managing.

The Offshore software company enables a variety of models in order to fit the solutions that are appropriate to your business needs.

Latest Technologies

Most offshore software development teams specialise in certain technologies or tech stacks. You may find it difficult to find the same from your employees and would hire more and more specific to the stacks. Offshore developers are well versed with the latest technologies and the offshore companies have an abundance of talented developers to serve you.

Now that you know the benefits, let us learn how to choose the right partner for your project development.

Choose The Right Partner For Offshore Software Development Services

The benefits are likely to be received at the end of the project or after the launch. But, one wrong move of partnering with the wrong team will end up with a disaster. Here are some pointers you need to consider while choosing the right partner for offshore software development services.

offshore software development company


There is no doubt that the team of experts should have efficient experience to work on the project. No matter how complex the project, the offshore development company will have the best team to deliver quality work within the time limit.


As mentioned in the previous section, it is for sure that the offshore software company has a pool of talents with immense knowledge of each technology and if any update in the market. You name it and they know it all. Decide the platform you want the application build and they will have the team ready to start.

Development Cost

It is difficult to find a partner that gives you the exact quotation of the project. To hire the best from the market, the price should not be the criteria. To stand out in the market with your application, you need the app to be the best and useful to the users. With a lot of competition, what matters is the quality of the work the company delivers. Rest everything falls into place.


Ask queries to the company and they should be flexible to answer them all. The company should be clear in communication and flexible enough to set up calls during any stage of development. They should keep you informed with the progress and stay transparent throughout the process.

Time and Process

What would you look for in the offshore company? Of course the timely delivery of the project. Know that they deliver in the set timeline and stick to their commitment regarding the quality and cost they have decided. Any change in plan should be conveyed to you by the team or the project manager assigned.

So, after hiring the offshore development company and starting the project, what are the challenges you may face? Let’s dig into each of them.

Challenges of Offshore Software Development

With every benefit, comes a challenge. If hiring a developer from another location is less expensive and time saving, you may also face challenges at the same time. Let’s conquer.

Time Zone Difference

When dealing with an offshore development company, time zone plays an important role. If your company is in the USA and the offshore team resides in India, there is a huge time difference. To manage and decide on one mutual time is important. It may not be necessary to communicate everyday but during some point of the process there are chances to set up a meeting and improve the efficiency to avoid any mistakes.

Security Concerns

Data leakage is the most common practice in the IT industry. Working with an offshore team entails providing some of the secret information and the risk of security may increase. It is advisable to sign a NDA with the offshore development company before starting the project. Private data storage, encryption, security solutions, should be included in the policy.


If you are looking for quality over money, you should be active about outsourcing the workflow. Attend the meetings and keep a track of the development process daily. Examine the team skills and understand what challenges you may face and how to overcome them in prior.

Next come the steps to develop the application.

Offshore Software Development Steps

It’s extremely easy to hire an offshoring firm to work with you; all you have to do is identify a reliable offshoring company, pick the best vetted developers, and get to work.

But we’ve discovered that leveraging the benefits of offshore software development may require clear communications and objectives. We suggest? Before you start collaborating with an offshore software development partner, make sure to:

Clearly state your requirements: What knowledge, tools, and frameworks must your contracted employees possess? Which degree of experience are you looking for? Examine the tasks you have to complete, and make a detailed list. If you’re unsure of the answer, think about hiring your offshore partner to research these issues for you and create an action plan.

Decide your budget — Once you realize the number, your offshoring accomplice can assist you with designing your group so that you are getting the most assistance for your cash.

Get Your Work done — Scour survey destinations to see what sort of appraisals the offshoring organization gets. Request previous clients you can call to straightforwardly get their thoughts. This is a significant stage. All things considered, the right offshoring accomplice can be an asset to your organization for quite a while.

How To Work With Offshore Software Development: Best Practices

Choose Partner Carefully
Offshore Software Development Benefits

Presently this is the sort of thing that is critical during the time spent employing seaward designers. Obviously not picking the right seaward programming improvement group for your drawn out tasks can cost you dearly. It is genuinely said on the off chance that you venture out right, a big part of the improvement fight is as of now won. So check the below practices:

Set Clear Goals

One of the offshore development best practices is to give as much venture related data as possible to your offshore developers. You ought to likewise concise your group about the business objectives that you have set and wish to accomplish. Aside from that, Make a rundown of capabilities and imprint their needs, featuring the main ones that should be finished on first-started things out of need.

Clear Communication

One of the most favored practices is communication. Since the offshore company is far away from your own area, correspondence is essential between the two gatherings. Ensure that your group is consistently speaking with your seaward group. Now that we are mechanically ahead, we have various apparatuses and programming that will make the course of correspondence more straightforward.

Also, you ought to verify that the cycle includes more than composed correspondence. To get for all intents and purposes associated you can utilize devices and programming like Slack, Asana, Skype, Jira and comparative other specialized apparatuses. Different devices can likewise help you in correspondence through phone calls and video calls.

Strong Project Management

Making programming is certainly not an easy breezy – one of the normal issues seen while leading such endeavors are overseeing offshore development companies, sharing data across groups, keeping colleagues on the right undertaking at the opportune way, keeping everything coordinated with respect to programming, and so on. So ensure your offshore software development company has strong project management abilities.

Software Development Methodology

Agile Method- The most regularly utilized term to depict improvement systems is coordinated. It’s normally utilized as a catch-all word for any lithe procedure. Most organizations incline toward this since this cycle ensures productivity, quick outcomes and simpler changes.

Waterfall Method- The waterfall method is an exemplary programming improvement process that is not generally broadly utilized. Here in this technique, the undertaking supervisors assemble all expected data toward the beginning of a task and use it to foster an educated arrangement regarding activity. This methodology is normally a bit by bit and a straight technique, where the result of one is the contribution of the next.

How is Offshore Software Development Different from Outsourcing?

different between Offshore and Outsourcing

Although the definitions of outsourcing and offshore appear to be similar, they are actually very different ideas. Outsourcing occurs when a business contracts a development team from a third party that consists of specialists in several fields. And this is offshore when a business establishes a branch office abroad where there are more growth prospects.

When compared to outsourcing or in-house development, offshore development is typically the least expensive because the average hourly cost is under $30, so this is cheaper than outsourcing the project.

How To Manage Offshore Software Development Process?

It is pretty much clear that you now know about. what is an offshore software development company and how to offshore software development. But, are you aware of how to manage the offshore developers? This is tricky as they do not work under you in the same office. Also, to keep them motivated to continue working with the project is crucial. Let’s check how can you manage them efficiently.

offshore software development process

Align with Developers

It won’t be unusual to misinterpret anything, lose something in translation, or overlook something crucial. Spend some time with the team prior to the project’s start connecting your vision with their capabilities and procedures.

Use Trackers

You won’t be working with an internal team when you engage with an offshore development company. This makes it even more crucial to decide on tracking tools so you can keep track of the tasks completed and the time spent on them.

Prevent Micromanagement

It is important to remember that the team does not include your own personnel. In other words, you won’t have much control over them. In that regard, it is beneficial to communicate with the team just when essential or when you require an update.

The information you need to hire offshore software engineers is provided here. Ultimately, it is a great approach for lowering delivery time and cost. The model works great for startups and for established firms without a technical team.

Major Success Factor of Offshore Software Development Company

There is a huge list to which offshore software development services are successful and it is an emerging practice that every industry is following. However, the below points are a proof that a successful project is only delivered if a business is ready to hire the best offshore development company as they offer:

  • A skilled staff that quickly adjusts to new demands and changes
  • Product quality assurance and control at all stages of the development workflow are carried out in accordance with your request for nondisclosure agreements (NDAs).
  • Extensive knowledge of software development across a variety of business areas
  • Innovative construction techniques and a cutting-edge technology stack
  • Services for maintenance, promotion, and post-release assistance


Offshoring software development from different countries have a variety of alternatives available to them in the IT sphere that allow them to save time, money, and effort. You may also apply to offshore IT pros to get a brand-new, adaptable product that will sell well if you also want to save money and get good outcomes.


What kind of projects are most suitable for offshore development, big or small?

Any project big, small, simple and complex, every project is similar to any offshore development company. They have the right resources to deliver the project within the said time with the best quality.

How can I communicate with the Semaphore Software development team to keep track of the progress?

There are multiple ways to connect with our Semaphore team. You can always use the chatbot option, email us or directly call us on the given number. Our project manager is always ready to assist you with any query you have regarding the progress of the project. There are also tools like Slack, Skype, Zoom calls, Jira available on which our team is always ready to communicate at your convenient time.

What is the Advantage of collaborating with you over other offshore development companies ?
  • A skilled staff that quickly adjusts to new demands and changes
  • Product quality assurance and control at all stages of the development workflow are carried out in accordance with your request for nondisclosure agreements (NDAs).
  • Extensive knowledge of software development across a variety of business areas
  • Innovative construction techniques and a cutting-edge technology stack
  • Services for maintenance, promotion, and post-release assistance
For what duration can I hire resources ?

Depending upon the project size and complexity, the time duration is decided and only then the hiring of the resources could be counted.

What is the difference between offshore and onshore software development?

Onshore development means outsourcing within the boundaries of the company, that is an in-house team is recruited to complete the project. Whereas, offshore refers to the team that is situated at a different location outside your country and a software development company manages the team.

How does Offshore development work?
  • Define the product and vision of the business
  • Create a clear roadmap
  • Conduct regular demo
  • Invest in technology
  • Use agile team meetings to sync up team members
  • Always communicate with customers to grow your product