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Game Changing eCommerce Trends for 2023

Published: May 2, 2016  |   | 

Game Changing eCommerce Trends for 2016
New and emerging trends for 2023 will cause a massive change in the eCommerce industry. With the industry gaining strong foothold around the world and exponential growth in competition, online stores are extensively working to improve the user experience and add more value to the engagement. If you are running an online store, here are some game changing trends you need to be aware of and must implement them in your project. Real-Time Analytics Real-time analytics has been one of the biggest things off late in ecommerce web development. No need to dig through data and analyse them everytime you want to make a decision or understand how your business is performing. Everything will be available on the screen in real-time for the store managers to look at, and gain clear understanding of the situation. This will allow them to cash in on flash sales during holiday season. With real-time data, stores will be able to maintain inventory better and it will also expedite decision making and lead to higher profits and revenue.

Large Images & Videos

Online sales is all about showcasing your products in the most inspiring manner. This year we would see extensive use of large images, which would immediately cast an impression in the minds of the customers. Some sites selling high end gadgets are also showcasing videos of their products and this is a great way to arouse desire. Also 360° view of products has been gaining traction in the recent years and many online stores have earned rich dividends from it.

Contextual Shopping

Till now you have been used to personalization where online stores have remembered your preferences based on shopping habits and catered accordingly. 2023 will see more of ‘contextual’ shopping where you would be served with relevant information and offers without even logging into the site. How is that possible? Well, online stores would monitor your activity on the Internet and gain insight into your requirements. You may already be experiencing this where Facebook ads pop up based on your recent searches.

Creating Offline Experience

Most online shoppers miss the salesman when they have some confusion regarding the products they want to buy. 2023 would see online stores employ more people to offer a similar experience online to their customers. They would take up the role of virtual salesman assisting customers during their shopping endeavor and play roles different from customer care executive.

Discounts & Loyalty Programs

Discounts and loyalty programs have been widely used by online stores to make deep inroads into the market. This is expected to grow in 2023 and most online stores have tied up with financial institutions such as credit card companies and are offering more value to their customers in terms of discounts and other freebies. Ecommerce is getting competitive by the day and to get the best out of your online store, you need services of an eCommerce development company with a proven track record. We at Semaphore Software have been catering to small and large ecommerce clients alike and have expertise over different ecommerce development tools. Write to us at info@semaphore-software.com and we shall take the discussion forward.