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Future Trends of Web Development

Published: Jul 19, 2016  |   | 

Future Trends of Web Development
Web development has undergonea sea of change in the last two decades. From simple, one-page linear layouts to the current responsive web designs, we have seen web design evolve with time. Emerging technologies have also made it necessary for websites to re-invent their designs and adhere to current practices. So what does the future hold for web development? What are the technologies, tools and languages which will affect the way websites look and work in the future? We have attempted to answer these questions in the form of a list of trends we expect to see in the near future.

Limiting Designs to Fewer Interfaces

If you have been paying close attention you would have noticed that most websites in the current timestend to look alike. There are two reasons for it. First, design libraries are offering similar interfaces and second, the growth of responsive web designs poses a requirement for clear and well defined UIs. Contrary to what many would think, familiar UIs are being liked by users, who are now more concerned about the content in a website and experience than design. This trend is only expected to gather more followers in the coming years.

Animated Design Layout

While user interfaces are looking alike, there is a twist in the story, which is likely to play out big in the coming days. Web development teams will stress more on the use of animations to enhance user experience on a website. The main reason why animation is one of the trends to look forward to is because it can add to the storytelling opportunities of a website. Some of the common animation tricks that will play out big in the future are –

Loading Animation

If there is a flat, minimalistic design, loading animations can work as a way to delight and entertain the users.

Hidden Navigation Menu

Another popular animation that is increasingly becoming popular is the hidden navigation menu which helps to save screen space. Hidden menus help prevent jarring transitions and can be created using a collaborative prototyping tool.

Hover Animation

As the name suggests, user can unravel a “hidden” feature by hovering the mouse from specific content on the web page.

Galleries and Slideshows

These are great web development tricks for websites that have to display multiple images, have portfolios to display or have products to show.

Motion Animation

Another kind of animation that will be increasingly used in the future is the motion animation. Motion animations will be seen on product description pages where users can see a 360° view of a product.

Responsive Designs

Responsive designs in websites have become popular for quite some time now. But in the coming years, its popularity is only bound to increase. With the increasing use of mobile for web browsing, responsive designs will enhance performance. Unlike in the past, developers are working towards offering a complete experience to the users and not restrict them to only limited content and features on the website. If you are looking for a Web Development Company that offers you packaged Web Development Solutions, look no more. We at Semaphore Software offer website development services that are futuristic. Write to us at info@semaphore-software.com to know more.