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Everything You Need to Know About Zend Studio 13

Published: Apr 19, 2016  |   | 

Everything You Need to Know About Zend Studio 13
If you are looking for a PHP powered IDE (Integrated Development Environment), there are a few that would match the scalability of Zend Studio. It allows application developers to deliver apps with robust features and high levels of functionality. The powerful PHP capabilities and improved JavaScript support allows developers to deliver apps in record time. Its new version Zend Studio 13 comes with many improvements that increase the possibilities for a Zend development company. Here, we take a look at some of the things that you need to know about Zend Studio 13

Enhanced PHP Support

Zend Studio 13 combined with enhanced PHP 7 support opens up new avenues for the developers. Developers can now work with the latest scripting concepts in PHP 7. This includes everything from Return Type Declarations and Anonymous Classes to Group Use Declarations and Spaceship Operator. Zend has also introduced a built-in migration tool PHP 7 Express that allows easier transition to PHP 7. Using this, they can easily scan all existing projects for compatibility issues thus pointing them to the exact code with issues and suggesting them with options to resolve the issues.

Debugging Made Easy

This is something that would cheer all developers. Zend Studio 13 has made debugging easy as the tool would automatically check for the installed debuggers in the servers. This feature would support both local as well as remote servers. Developers can easily configure the client’s IP and the debugging process would be initiated automatically. All unnecessary IPs are automatically removed and it even adds the best match client IP whenever new server is added.

Eclipse Plugin

This new version of Zend Studio is powered by Eclipse 4.5.1 and thus eases the job for the developers with a support plugin for Eclipse. With this developers can easily take advantage of Eclipse framework from within their development environment.

Support for Docker& GIT Flow

Many developers had wanted to see this for quite some time and in Zend Studio 13, they would rejoice the support the platform update offers for Docker images and tools. This creates an environment for maximum deployment experience within containers. Developers can easily run, debug and also test their PHP applications that too hassle free. Also the new version would offer complete support for the Git Flow branching model that PHP developers often use in parallel development, where the new development is isolated from the finished work. Zend Studio 13 has definitely added a new dimension to the Integrated Development Environment. This is by far the best release from Zend and would offer competition to its rivals. Semaphore Software offers expertise in the domain of Zend Development Service in India. To hire us for your project and to know more write to us at info@semaphore-software.com