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Assessing the Future of Enterprise Mobile App Development

Published: Jul 23, 2015  |   | 

Enterprise Mobile App Development Future
Cloud applications have proven without doubt that businesses work better on flexible and powerful platforms. Such platforms improve their business solutions and take them closer to their customers. But cloud-based applications have seen their prime (though it is still an attractive alternative for many businesses). Today enterprise mobility solutions is taking businesses by storm i. We are seeing mobile applications being specifically built to cater to specific business requirements. Looking at how things are progressing,we can safely say that enterprise mobile app development will soon become a multi-billion market.

What Makes Enterprise Mobility Solutions’ Future Bright

There are several things that work in favor of enterprise mobile solutions. Mobile technology is inexpensive because of which small businesses are getting attracted to it. Secondly, mobile apps are easily accessible and finally, these applications are easy to use and operate. When we analyze these three points, it is clear that enterprise solutions are here to stay for good.

Challenges That Need To Be Worked Upon

While there are many things that seem to be working in favor of enterprise solutions, there are certain obvious challenges that we need to discuss.One of the greatest challenges that need to be immediately addressed is democratizing the use of technology in various business sectors. It is also equally important for mobile applications to reach far-flung locations. Let’s look at these challenges closely. There are an estimated 3 billion people globally, working in some capacity. Most of these people are not connected to technology; only 20 per cent workers worldwide are using technology at some level.. IT investment is close to 1% in certain industries, example construction which is worth $8Tn . Similarly, manufacturing, which is the world’s fourth-largest industry, spends only 2 per cent of its revenue on IT. The discrepancy is more in the developing and under-developed nations – in Asia-Pacific, Latin American, Middle East and Africa. Opportunities in these regions are numerous and with proper infrastructure, we can only imagine the growth.

Solutions That Empower the Workforce

If the reach of enterprise mobile application solutions can be widespread, there will be numerous benefits.It will empower the workforce and enable them to improve their skills. Smartphones can be used in multiples industries, right from construction to agriculture, to leverage the skills. For example, a camera-based technology can be used to get fast and cheap quotes. Workers in the transportation sector can utilize the benefits of GPS to track and deliver products faster. Healthcare is another industry which is poised to improve its standard and reach with the use of mobile applications. Multiple sectors will benefit because of the futuristic appeal of enterprise mobile applications. With the power of customization resting on IT companies, niche solutions can be offered to one and all. Semaphore Software offers enterprise mobility solutions by developing custom applications according to various business needs. Contact us through info@semaphore-software.com to avail our end-to-end enterprise mobile app development services.