Online Store Promotion via Email Marketing

November 26, 2015 Published by: Prayaga Pattanayak

Email Marketing Magento Extension
Recent surveys shows that despite of increasing popularity of social media no e-commerce store has opted-out of email marketing. Custora a predictive marketing platform has figured out that over 7% of customer acquisition is from accounts directed by email marketing. Also customer acquisition through email marketing ranks second after Search Engines. Email marketing has always been one of the most powerful tools to engage prospects & visitors to your online store. In the plethora of e-commerce store builder Magento has been one of the front runner among all. In this post we discuss about a Magento extension namely “Email Customer by Groups” for email marketing. The extension is a great facilitator for the Magento store owners to promote their products & reach out to customers. Email Customer by Groups is a Magento extension used for scheduling and sending email to targeted customers / users by identifying them as customer group, specific customers or all customers. This can boost your sales and build a strong customer loyalty by establishing lifetime relationships with your customers. It is available for the Magento community edition.

Features of Email Customer by Groups Extension

  • Send bulk promotional email to a particular customer / multiple customers / customer groups registered in the Magento
  • Create multiple email templates as per default Magento behavior
  • Customer Mail Manager Tab logs all the email sent from the backend
  • Facility to set specific date & time for particular template to send automated emails using Cron Job. Email Scheduler will send emails to the selected customers / customer group as per Cron Job.
  • This extension uses Magento default way for its implementation hence its easy in installation.
  • Option to disable the Cron functionality from the configurations tab.
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Advantages of Email Customer by Groups Extension

  • Email marketing presents more opportunities for your business and drives a better return on investment
  • Send extremely targeted marketing campaigns that will result in increased sales conversions simply because they are so specific
  • Email takes less time to create and send than other marketing and advertising channels do, you can communicate with your customers more frequently.
  • With strategic planning, smart design and targeted content, your business will consistently build value and increases brand awareness

Best practices for Strategizing Email Marketing

  • Relevant segmentation of customers for email marketing
  • Responsive design to adapt itself to whatever device is being used to view
  • Analyzing the data leveraged from the website visitors behavior and strategizing emails accordingly.
  • Emails with personalized subject lines and reinforcement of imagery into message.
With increasing in number Magento stores and demand for improvement in marketing facilities we have been striving to offer best possible features. Email Customer by Groups Extension would be great facilitator from which your business can create deeper relationships with a wider audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. Email Customer by Groups Extension is developed and maintained by Silver Touch Technologies Limited. It consists of a team of professional Magento developers and has versatile portfolio in e-commerce store development. Get the extension- Email Customer by Groups: