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Drupal + Drupal Commerce – A Combination to Consider

Published: Jul 6, 2016  |   | 

Drupal + Drupal Commerce - A Combination to Consider
Drupal as a content management system has stamped its authority over the years. It powers millions of websites around the world and is seen as a highly stable and scalable platform. Drupal development is ideal for all kinds of site development and when combined with Drupal commerce it can be used to build powerful and inspiring online stores. Here are a few reasons why you need to consider this powerful combination for your project.

Deepest Convergence

There are a number of ways in which you can build an ecommerce site using Drupal but, there is no other tool where integration is as deep as Drupal Commerce. In fact the tool has been built from ground up to integrate with Drupal’s powerful content management system. It takes the convergence of content, ecommerce and the background software to a whole new level.


This is one of the most important factors in your mind when you are developing an ecommerce tool. Drupal Commerce’s modular structure allows you to configure it based on your niche needs. You can run any type of online store that sells products, services, subscription etc. You would be able to integrate different types of payment gateways in your store with ease.

Quick Turnaround Time

Using Drupal Commerce allows you to cut down on the turnaround time for store development. Since both the components integrate seamlessly it makes the job of the developer easy.

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Role Management

Drupal implements something called granular user and role management that allows the store managers to control the functionality of the store both at the backend with the CMS and at the frontend with the online store itself. The role management tool also allows you to define the role of the customers.

Ease of Optimization

Search engine optimization is very important for the success of an online store and when you choose the combination of Drupal & Drupal Commerce, you would have to deal with a single system and not two as is the case with other Ecommerce tools. This makes it easy for you to optimize your site and get large volumes of traffic to your site.

Cost Effectiveness

Though Magento has been promoted as an open source ecommerce building platform, most of its popular plugins fall under the ‘premium’ category and this can often increase your cost of development. On the other side you would get the best plugins for free with Drupal. Hence it allows you to launch an attractive store with minimal expenses.


Last but not the least, Drupal Commerce is highly extendible and can be integrated with third-party systems feature enhancement tools that allow you to adapt to the changing needs of your business as well as emerging trends in the market. To develop an inspiring online store using Drupal, you need to hire a company that has expertise in Drupal development service. Semaphore Software has total command over this Content Management System and takes care of everything from Content Management to Drupal Extension Development. If you have any doubts and queries write to us at info@semaphore-software.com.