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Detail Guide : The Ideal Choice about Dedicated Front-End Developers

Published: Sep 23, 2022  |   | 

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From healthcare to education, there is software to optimise the business operations. With companies like Semaphore, you can get dedicated developers to help you with your business software web app or mobile applications.

This is the age of IT and the aspects have led to the surge to hire front-end developers and back-end developers. Read this blog to get clear insights on how to hire a front-end developer and why it is beneficial to a business. Front-end developers will augment your project with a visionary approach to design prolific UI. 

In this blog we will help you learn why a front-end developer for hire is important, their benefits, cost to hire, skills they possess and what frameworks and tools they use to develop the front face of the application. 

Why Should You Hire a Front-End Developer?

Before we dig into the further questions, let us first understand why you need to hire dedicated front-end developers. 

Save Money

By hiring front end web developers, you save money for example, if you hire an in-house team you need to pay monthly wages and also maintain other expenses for their recreation and devices they use. You need to provide them extra benefits and also pay if they are on a vacation. Whereas dedicated developers do not need any of these. You can hire developers from countries that offer the lowest rate per hour.  

Save Time

One of the main benefits of hiring remote front-end developers is saving time. Searching for suitable candidates and following the onboarding formalities is time consuming. A front-end developer for hire needs no training and can directly get into the project with his skills and efficiency of understanding the project.

Gain Experience

With skilled front-end developers you gain extensive knowledge and experience during the product development. They have experience of various projects and have worked for multiple industries. In addition, in-house developers can also learn from them as they are always updated with the new technologies and tools. 

Team Management

In most cases, the developers are an agency or a company that provides a team of dedicated and skilled developers. So you do not have to worry about managing them. They have a project manager assigned to manage and communicate between the two parties.

Flexibility of Operations

Working with dedicated developers will give flexible time and communication terms that are negotiated and convenient for you and the team. 

Benefits Of Hiring Front-End Developers

Benefits of Hiring Front-End Developers

The development expertise for the client-side is particularly the front-end developer skills for the project. It becomes challenging if you don’t hire the right developers. Let’s explain the crucial benefits that you may miss out. 

Access to Pool of Talent

You can easily access the pool of top talent having years of experience in development. They have extensive knowledge and proven track records of completing multiple projects of various niches. When you look at the front-end developer skills from your country and various other countries, you may find multiple choices with the same skills set as per your requirement. 

State of Art Infrastructure

When you hire the best resources for front-end developers remotely, you get access to the IT infrastructure of seasoned agencies with excellent portfolios. Be it a small business, or a startup to an enterprise, they have sound technical exposure to develop modern and complex projects. 

Experience in Ensuring Security Risks

Another crucial reason to hire remote skilled front-end developers is to avail the experience of addressing significant security risks. Many businesses hire developers and rely on them for client-side interface and configuration of the server with fewer security issues. The security vulnerabilities are many that a project may encounter in future. 

Cost Advantages

Though the cost of hiring a developer can never be unnoticed, the aspect of it comes at the decisive point while deciding upon the companies to hire. Its attributes and offerings are advisable to hire by giving optimum priority to the quality. The cost of development includes multiple parameters and it also depends on which country you prefer to hire. Countries like India, Ukraine, China, and the Philippines are known for their competitive cost per hour. 

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Front-Developer Developer?

Front-End Developers Company

Once you get the nitty-gritty of the details on how to hire front-end developers, you would surely want to know the cost to hire them. There are multiple factors involved in finalising the cost of a developer. 

  • Scope of the project

  • Timeline

  • Budget

  • Simple or complex design

  • Tech stack

  • Location of the front end developer for hire

  • Communication tools 

On an average, the cost to hire a front-end developer is $15–$35/hr and if you outsource the best companies for a front end developer, they can negotiate at significantly lower rates.

Major Skills To Look For When You Hire A Front-End Developer

Skills of Front-End Developers

Technical Skills

  1. The basics – HTML, CSS, JavaScript- An entry level knowledge a developer must have is the good understanding of these blocks. It is the ground basic for any front-end development. After that they should know the free and open source control system that claims to be flexible and robust. 

  2. Responsive design- This helps a user to check any information from any device like smartphone, desktop, laptop, and tablet. 

  3. Developer tools- Developer tools vary per browser and the best certified front-end developer can see and tweak the browser and interpret the code.

  4. Web performance- It refers to the time taken to load a page. The aesthetic features and a developer should optimise a page to lessen the loading time. It can be a tedious task but hire someone who can improve your web performance. 

  5. Testing skills- To hire front-end developers it is an additional skill if they know all the testing measures to test the quality of the web page. 

Soft Skills

  1. Eye for design- Front-end developers should have a vision to design the code of the website even if you hire UI/UX designers. They can recommend visually appealing features. 

  2. Attention to detail- Small details like text spacing, font size, and the overall look of the website or an application.

  3. Critical thinking- Critical thinking skills makes a developer think about problem solving  and innovative ideas to solve the daily problems that occur after the launch of a website. 

  4. Patience- Developers need to have a lot of patience in dealing with bugs, page testing, cross-platform issues. It takes a lot of time and brings along frustration. 

What Frameworks And Tools Do Front End Developers Use?

Top Front-End Frameworks

Front-end development tools have come a long way in progressing and the developers have built a layout and interface with the help of these tools efficiently. Let’s check some of the tools and frameworks that a front-end developer uses. 

Front end Development Tools

Atom- Written in JavaScript, it is an open-source text embedded in GIT control. Atom is a feature-rich text editor with GitHub version control, built-in package manager, multiple panes,cross-platform editing and free of cost. 

Visual Code Studio- Another free code editor and open-source developed by Microsoft is suitable for cross-platform development. Visual code studio is easy in debugging, syntax highlighting, and code refactoring.

Chrome Dev Tools- Front end developers recommend to use Chrome DevTools to view the site on browser, and help in editing the page on the fly. It has dynamic CSS and DOM and advanced breakpoint support for debugging graphics. 

Front end Development Frameworks

React- React is easy to learn and use. You can reuse and collaborate on other parts of the application. React can make changes in the code easily and the unique thing is the virtual DOM. React is mainly used in SPAs. 

Angular- Based on TypeScript, Angular was initiated by Google. Angular has two way binding features and usually deals with mobile and web applications.

VueJS- It is not complex like Angular and much smaller in size with visual DOM and two-way binding. 

Hire Frontend Developers: Onshore Vs. Offshore

Onshore vs. offshoring

Onshore Development

Cost – Normal greater expense, small and competitive ability in developers.

Communication – Frequently in a similar time region can mean speedy, impromptu comms with little deferral. 

Collaboration – With late headways and instruments like Leeway, Trello, JIRA, and Yammer, this is a coin throw between onshore vs offshore

Quality – Frequently a greater of both ability and code. Less errors in emphasis to fruitful items send off.

Offshore Development

Cost – Lower cost, more noteworthy admittance to numerous disciplines, however can frequently accompany its own cost, including more prominent oversight required.

Communication- More slow interchanges, language boundaries can mean a few undeniable deferrals. Up close and personal gatherings can be challenging to plan.

Collaboration- Once more, a coin throw between onshore vs offshore.

Quality – There is a potential for float in the event that groups aren't as expected supervised by a PM. Ability can be equivalent to coastal, however verifying can be eccentric to non-existent.

To avail all these offshore qualities, hire a front-end developer, India. The top skills for front-end developers will be found only if you hire a web development company in India.

Front-End Security Best Practices

Front-End Security Best Practices

Many developers do not prioritise frontend security and ignorance can cause a huge amount of damage. Let’s take a look at some of the security practices to follow. 

XSS Attacks- Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is a type of attack by which an attacker infuses vindictive contents into a confided in site. The attacker then, at that point, continues to send you malignant codes that seem to be the side content of your program.

DDoS Attacks- Designing firewalls and routers to dismiss excessively high and dubious traffic is extremely powerful in forestalling DDoS attacks. Guarantee that your firewalls and switches are consistently refreshed to have the most recent security safeguards.

Cross-Site Request Forgery- Carrying out a symbolic worth can assist you with preventing CSRF assaults. Your framework produces the symbolic worth on each page of your web application and moves it to a structure utilising a HTTP header at whatever point a structure is submitted.

CSS Injection Attacks- Self-facilitating your CSS records on your servers keeps you from succumbing to CSS infusion related attacks. To do this successfully, you really want to execute a weakness the executives device to distinguish any weaknesses that might exist in your framework.

Using Third-Party Libraries- One sure method for forestalling outsider library attacks is to examine all the outsider libraries that you use. Doing this physically can be perplexing and tedious, particularly in the event that you are managing a huge web application. Yet, you can robotize the interaction by utilising weakness scanners to distinguish existing dangers.

Why Front-End Development Is So Important For Businesses

Most front-end developers utilise a blend of three languages in particular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to construct the "front end" of a site. Hence, these three languages are in many cases the centrepiece of any web advancement project.

Front-end development is progressively significant for the outcome of a business as a developing number of clients are embracing the computerised upheaval. 

Let us see the reason why front-end development is so significant for business achievement.

  • Leave a Lasting First Impression

  • User Retention

  • Navigation Easy

  • Enhance Performance

  • Branding Alignment

  • Building Trust

  • Brand Awareness

Why Hire Dedicated Front-End Developers With Semaphore Software?

Are you updated with the entire guide on hiring front-end developers? If you are still confused about how to hire dedicated front-end developers, you can connect to Semaphore. 

With 10+ years of experience we provide extensive front-end web development services with cutting-edge solutions that improves your business and attracts a large audience. We have the best industry practice that matches your business objectives. A structured procedure is followed to deliver quality and on-time projects. 


Which front end framework can be used for small web applications?

Frameworks like React, Angular, jQuery, AngularJS, all can be used to develop small web applications. Semaphore can help you with top quality web app development using any framework.

How much time does it take to build a front end application

With respect to the features, functions and its complexities, the time of development is decided. Typically it may take about 6-8 months to build a front end application.

How can front end application development profit my business?

Developing a front end application can increase the business value, enhance the brand and most importantly it helps in customer retention if the web app is appealing and easy to use.

What is the cost to hire front end developers ?

The cost to hire a front end developer varies from location and other factors. However if you want to partner with Semaphore, to hire a front end developer, it will cost approximately $15–$35/hr.

Which technology do you use for front-end development?

The front end technologies and languages start with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It helps in creating alluring graphical UI for complex backend portions and easy use for the end-user.

Why should I choose Semaphore for hiring front-end software developers?

Hiring a front end developer with Semaphore, you can avail a number of services like HTML development, Angular JS development, Bootstrap development, ReactJS development, and maintenance and support. Also, to hire our developer we have hourly model, onsite model, and ODC model to choose from.