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Essential Design Elements for Successful eCommerce

Published: Jul 5, 2016  |   | 

Essential Design Elements for Successful eCommerce
Are you planning to launch a new store or, redesign your existing eStore? The eCommerce industry is highly cluttered; there are thousands of online stores waiting to be noticed among this clutter. To differentiate your online retail business, it is necessary for you to focus on the design elements. A good design results in deriving incredible user experience, which results in achieving the desired attention and point of differentiation. Here, we will discuss some design elements that will help you offer the desirable experience.

Crisp & Clear CTA

Banner is the first place your visitor is likely to look at, and you can maximize your conversions by including a precise and simple CTA on the banner. A slider banner seems to be trending on all online stores starting with Amazon. This banner is prominent, large and includes all the featured products the eCommerce store sells, along with links to the product/category pages. You should be clear on what action the user should take after looking at the banner and the featured products on it. Make sure the message is clear and compelling, making the user click on it at once. This design is trending, and will maximize profits for your retail business.

Real Life Imagery& Product Imagery

Real life imagery has more chances of attracting sales rather than image of the product itself in certain cases. For instance, if you are selling clothing, models sporting them would give your customers better perspective than mere images of the products. However, if you are selling tools and gadgets setting them against a single color background would be better. Also offer multiple high-res images for every product as it can convert more leads into sales.

Position Cart Prominently

The shopping cart should be a permanent feature of the User Interface, irrespective of the section or category your visitor is browsing at the moment. Place it prominently preferably on the top-right corner of the screen as is the convention, and the user should always see the number of items that have been added to the cart.

Ease of Navigation & Search

Focus on intuitive and easy navigation for your site. Categorize all the products logically; this will offer intuitive navigation and easy search features to the user. Keep in mind that substantial traffic may come from mobile devices and the users should be able to navigate easily. Implement a powerful ‘search’ function in your store with features such as auto complete for better search. Users should also be able to sort search results by ‘Brands’, ‘Price’, ‘Discounts’ and other product releated specifications.

Easy Checkout Process

All your above efforts can go waste if you don’t have an easy checkout process. For many it is the most important design element in an online store and without it you won’t be able to convert majority of the leads to sales. While working on the checkout process you must focus on speed, ease of form filling. You should offer maximum options for payment and of course include a guest checkout option. To edge past your rivals you need the services of a seasoned ecommerce solution provider. At Semaphore Software we have experience in different domains and tools used for ecommerce development. Whether you want a niche online store or a large-sized multi-domain ecommerce site, we shall help you realize your dreams. Write to us at info@semaphore-software.com to discuss your project.