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Custom Software Development from a Developer’s Point of View

Published: Sep 17, 2015  |   | 

Custom Software Development from a Developer's Point of View

It goes without saying that you need both expertise and experience when developing any application. This is more so when you are going in for custom software development. There is a huge demand for developers who can build software from the scratch using their expertise combined with in-depth knowledge. When a client hires a software developer, he looks for someone who doesn’t hesitate to give his point of view on the best way to go about the development process. Even if you are working with an offshore company which offers custom software solution, you should ideally be able to work with a developer who puts his thoughts clearly. If we look at custom software development from a developer’s point of view, the following things will have to be considered.

Project Feasibility

One of the first things that software developer will consider upon getting a request to develop a software from scratch is the feasibility of the project. Is the project do-able? What are the possible glitches that are bound to arise? Is the budget estimated sufficient for this kind of project? What are the chances of the project failing mid-way? These are some of the questions the developer will put on the table.

Requirement Analysis

Once the developer is assured that that the project can be successfully handled, he next analyzes the requirements. Analyzing the requirements means undertaking a proper study of the client’s business and seeing where the software fits in the whole scheme of affairs. This is also the time when the developer will bring together a team, decide on the time required to get the project done and design a blueprint for the same. All kinds of technical requirements are also decided at this point.

Actual Coding

This is the time when the developer will stress on actual coding. Since the blueprint of the software is already in place, coding usually isn’t a very difficult phase. All the desired programs are created with the help of conventional programming languages and programming tools. Depending on the requirement of the project, the developer will make use of programming languages such as C, C++, Pascal, Java, etc.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Coding done, it is time to test the software. Testing is believed to be one of the most important steps in the software development process because this is the time when all flaws get highlighted. Bugs and errors are also identified during the testing phase. Initially, an experienced developer will separately test the modules so that it is easier to identify flaws. Once the things are individually rectified, the software is tested in entirety. A developer will only give the green signal to a project when he is satisfied with the testing. Maintaining the quality is one of the primary concerns of an experienced developer.

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