CLOUD to dominate Technology Trends at CeBIT-2016!

March 9, 2016 Published by: Shruti Vasudevan

CLOUD to dominate Technology Trends at CeBIT-2016
With the fast evolution of Digital technology, the efficiency of businesses has improved with time. Cloud computing is constantly changing and developing and has been widely accepted. Most of the enterprises operate its entire infrastructure using hybrid cloud which has increased the profitability of companies. This technology has become a significant trend that is widely adopted by nearly 90% of the population today. Cloud technology will be a prime focus topic at the mega trade event CeBIT-2016 which will be held at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds, Germany from 14-18 March, 2016. Cloud computing is the interconnectivity of a vast number of devices through a secure network. This technology connects mobiles, tablets and other devices wirelessly thereby allowing businesses to stay online all the time. The accessibility of important files and documents are made more manageable and secure with this technology. Data is stored and secured remotely in the cloud with regular backups. With the cloud, users can access applications that are stored on distributed servers from anywhere using a browser at a lower cost. Cloud computing is a distributed process which provides more storage than physical storage. It installs, manages and upgrades software on it own thereby being relatively flexible to use. The key component of the cloud is its feature of instant sharing and delivery of information. Data is readily available from the cloud and can be downloaded a number of times as per the user’s demand. Companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, etc. have clouds that are used by them as private clouds. These private clouds are managed centrally in a virtual environment. Cloud improves the security of data unlike when the data is kept in a single place. As everything is stored in the cloud, it acts as a data pool with a huge database and there is no need for any applications in the system, only a web browser is required. Silver Touch Technologies has endorsed cloud technology and has showed tremendous growth in business. With the help of cloud, they have elevated the effect of shared resources, thus maximizing the output.This evolving technology brings the hardware and software services in a single package thereby making it fitter for enterprise use. Silver Touch offers various cloud computing models like Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and Platform-as-a-service (PaaS). They provide niche services like Data Backup Management, Green Data Center planning and deployment, Cloud Computing Infrastructure Management, Data Center Audit and Consulting, Global Technology Services and Disaster Recovery Planning and Management. In an era where companies prefer to move to cloud computing, Silver Touch helps them in ways such as E-commerce, B2B, B2C portal development and deployment, Application maintenance and development and Performance optimization and management of SaaS-based applications. Cloud services offered also include SLA based committed services on infrastructure and software and capacity planning and management. At CeBIT-2016, Cloud Technology will be a prime area of focus. In the five days long event, various seminars and exhibitions will be held which will be focusing on cloud strategies for small to medium business enterprises. Notable speakers from various business domains will be conducting panel discussions and conferences to discuss the trends in cloud technology and the ways in which it is transforming the business world. These events will be helpful in learning about latest cloud computing trends for those seeking cloud-based solutions to be implemented in their enterprises. Write to us at or visit us at stall #C56 at the venue of CEBIT-2016 to know more about the possibilities of cloud solution.