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Top Cloud Computing Myths Demystified

Published: Oct 7, 2015  |   | 

Cloud Computing Myths Demystified
Technology has taken another leap with the arrival of cloud computing. Accessibility and flexibility has improved majorly with this new evolving technology. Of course, like any other technology, this too is surrounded by many concerns. There are many myths surrounding cloud computing, which is the major reason why companies avoid going for this evolving technology. Here we will try and invade into these myths and debunk them. It is necessary for you to understand the correct picture so that you can make a better and more informed decision.

It’s Very Expensive

Most companies, especially the small and medium businesses, avoid getting involved with cloud computing because they feel it is way too expensive. That’s not true! You may be connected to the whole cloud computing world, but you will pay only for those services that you avail from there. So, as a small or a medium business, you get to choose the services that define you the best way, and pay for them. That proves to be cheaper, doesn’t it?

It’s Not a Secure World

Most companies refrain from indulging in cloud computing as they feel it is not secure enough. When you consider your current infrastructure, and the number of people responsible for its security, you will realize that cloud is more secure. There’s a whole team dedicated to keeping your data secure and making it accessible. With redundancy, and backup services, you get enterprise level infrastructure with the cloud.

Multitenant Clouds are Vulnerable

If you are sharing the cloud based infrastructure, chances are you will be subject to attack from other users within the network. This common myth makes companies avoid the whole multitenant cloud, or cloud computing in general. The fact is that there are three layers of security prevalent within the cloud network- hypervisor layer, management layer and finally multitenant networks. With such incredible security, it becomes impossible for those within the same cloud to attack each other. There is isolation of VLAN, proper patching within the management layer and other methods using which the multitenant clouds are kept secure, and the vulnerability is reduced.

Infrastructure Changes are Difficult

With Cloud computing, the infrastructure is not stationed at your location, but is made accessible across the various locations where your users are present. Let’s take a look at the traditional infrastructure arrangement, where you will need to install updates and changes manually across the different computers and servers. In case of the cloud, you just need to make the changes to the cloud, and it will be deployed across the workstations and networks that are connected to the cloud. Basically, you don’t need to put in a lot of efforts in this case.

Human Resources not Needed

This is again a myth that drives people against adopting the cloud computing technology. Of course, you need a resource to ensure the cloud is performing properly. You need to unlock the potential of the cloud computing to further your business, and the only way to do so would be by hiring the right IT skills in your company. So, don’t worry nobody is losing out on their job because of cloud entry.

It is Highly Unreliable

The downtimes are higher in traditional networks as compared to cloud computing systems. You will find that cloud is highly reliable as compared to your traditional system, as it gives you a good back up of all your files and applications. It runs faster when compared to your traditional network configuration. Cloud computing is an evolving technology, and it is therefore surrounded by several myths. It is time for your business to break out of these myths and adopt a technology that promises both safety and security for your data Semaphore Software offers cloud computing solutions that will help boost your business. Get in touch with us through info@semaphore-software.com with your requirements.