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Why Cloud Applications are the Need of the Time?

Published: Apr 27, 2015  |   | 

Cloud Application Development
Cloud Computing has emerged as a transformational technology, helping businesses to achieve success. It has the power to revolutionize the business world and add innovations and strategic value to the enterprises. Cloud applications are based on the internet unlike conventional applications that are installed locally on the business premises. It is important to understand that moving to the Cloud is a long term IT strategy, leading to realization of an appreciable ROI. According to NTT Communications‘ Cloud Reality Check 2015 report, 90% of the ICT companies expect to move to the Cloud in the future with 60% of them expecting to migrate within the next 2 years. Let us have a look at why Cloud applications are the need of the time.

Cost Advantage

Why should you buy an application when you can rent it? Instead of making huge investments in on-premise applications it is better to pay the subscription fees for the Cloud applications at regular intervals. Cloud applications’ pay-as-you-go model definitely helps to circumvent cost involved in purchasing and maintaining IT infrastructure. You will have to splurge on buying the servers, setting up backups, recruiting & training professionals for maintaining and upgrading the infra in case of on-premises applications. The money saved through Cloud apps can be directed towards other business activities. Due to the increased competition between the Cloud service providers, the rates too are coming down. Cloud thus allows achieving significant savings and eliminates the need of making huge capital expenditure.

Increased Business Agility

Enterprises aim to achieve agility in their processes that can help them to accelerate their business and get a competitive advantage. Cloud is an excellent platform to enhance the overall agility of your business. Traditional applications take a long time to get deployed, thus delaying the time-to-market. Cloud based applications offer flexibility, enabling businesses to rapidly respond to the changing business environment.

Quick Implementation

The Cloud based applications can be efficiently deployed, scaled and managed. This ensures quickness in innovation and iteration. Due to quick implementation, the cloud based apps can deliver value to the businesses faster. Companies can immediately start working on cloud applications and if that service doesn’t work out, they can move to other service provider within no time. This becomes really difficult in traditional on-premise applications.


Cloud offers scalability to the businesses to expand or retract at any time, depending on their requirements. An on-premise application proves costly when businesses plan to expand. The entire process is time consuming. Numerous users can work on Cloud applications simultaneously. Cloud service providers offer unlimited storage capacity and allow increasing your existing resources, whenever you require. This gives a boost to the business growth.

Disaster Recovery

The disaster recovery is simplified through Cloud applications. Your data is continuously backed up in Cloud. If you lose it, you can easily recover it too. This is really beneficial in case of any natural disaster, calamity, robbery etc. You might lose your important data in an on-premise application. Even if you have a back-up system, it will take hours to recover the data. Thus your business comes to a halt, which you can’t afford to, in this competitive environment.

Improved Collaboration

Cloud apps offer an increased amount of collaboration among employees working in different parts of the world. Your employees can work on the same data simultaneously as the data can be synced. They can even access the business data while being on-the-move through an internet connection and coordinate effectively, ensuring higher productivity.


Cloud applications are regularly updated with new features and security patches. In an on-premise application, upgrades and new features are to be separately installed, thus involving significant costs and disrupting the routine work. From infrastructure to updates, all the processes are carried out in the Cloud flawlessly, quickly and cost-effectively. Cloud applications have changed the way a business is run. They have certainly become the need of the time. By offering tremendous flexibility and ease to the enterprises, cloud apps have helped them to gain a competitive edge and enhance their ROI!! Semaphore Software holds rich experience in providing cloud application development services including cloud-based app development on Azure Cloud development, Amazon EC2 development, and Stand Alone clouds. We also offer Office 365, Google Enterprise Cloud, Sales Force, SAP Cloud and other Enterprise Application services. Get in touch with us through info@semaphore-software.com to reap the maximum benefit of the cloud services, ensuring an improved bottom-line!!