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City Guide – All in One Personal Mobile Guide

Published: Apr 17, 2015  |   | 

City Guide Mobile Application

Are you planning a trip to visit famous cities & places in India during this vacation?

And your families or friends are too excited to visit all famous places within a city. Right!! But your concern is How to get all information about an unknown city? It is not only the question of site-seeing, but of the historical and worth seeing sites and the famous delicacies in food range and the best accommodation that can be availed. These questions must be mustering you when you are thinking of visiting an unknown city. First and primary requirement is to know all the basic /geographical information about the city. It is really a tedious task to gather all the information regarding the city by various resources. Imagine, if you have the solution handy and all in one place. Yes, it is possible through your Smartphone. Silver Touch has developed a mobile app “City Guide”, which serves as virtual guide to get any information related to the city, listed in the app.


It is very simple. Just download the app for specific city and get all information even if offline mode too.

You can get the virtual guidance for the following famous 20 cities of India:

city guide map The applications are freely available for iPhone, Android & Windows Phone platform on respective App Store as well as available on website from here. The major function of the application is availability of information in offline mode. (When there is no internet connectivity) Salient features of the application help you to gather detailed information regarding selected city.

Let’s walk through each feature one by one:

1. City Weather:

City Weather
      • First and foremost aspect is the weather information that anyone would like to know while visiting the city for the first time
      • City guide provides the current weather conditions and 4 days weather forecast with min and max temperatures

2. City Map & Transport:

City Map & Transport
      • On reaching the city you can rely on the ‘City Guide’ app to get to know about the city roads, public transport routes and travel information within the city
      • You can access the city map image with pinch zoom-in/out facility and even view different public transport with routes

3. Must Visit Places:

must visit places
      • How do you feel, when you realize that you have missed out a famous place in the city when you are back. “City Guide” saves you from repenting as it provides you the list of must visit places along with related pictures and a brief history
      • You can even find the direction and distance on map from you current location

4. Hotels Booking:

Hotel Booking  
      • Now booking your accommodation is an easy task before planning your trip “City Guide” app helps you to find various options for hotels and even facilitates booking by online payment options
      • The application also provides facility to filer hotels by price, distance and rating.

5. Emergency Contact Numbers:

Emergency Contact Numbers “City Guide” mobile app provides the emergency contact telephone numbers for:
      • Ambulance
      • Hospital
      • Crime
      • Airport
      • Railway
      • Women & child safety

6. Restaurants & Nightlife:

Restaurants and Nightlife  
      • To find the best restaurants City Guide – All in One Personal Mobile Guide within unknown city is the task like solving a puzzle
      • But with “City Guide” app, will get you a list of all famous restaurants in the city. You can also get the information related to the nightlife in the city

7. Autogas:

      • With an Autogas option you can find nearest CNG / LPG station according to your current location.
      • It also displays distance & direction from your current location to a particular CNG / LPG station on Map
Apart from listed features, “City Guide” app also provides in-app translator feature that helps you to translate any word. The application also contains a section for feedback / correction / enhancement on any information available on the app. Using “City Guide” mobile app you can plan your trip to listed unknown cities. You can quickly find the famous places, accommodation, restaurants, nightlife and emergency contact numbers with ease. “City Guide” app proves to be user friendly and quick to understand for all Smartphone users.

Following are some application reviews available on App Store by app users:

Excellent, This app is really helpful in all the way. You can find places to visit nearby you for fun and also good restaurants. .. I am enjoying it.”

“One of my favorite apps…..very useful while travelling round the city….Good Job..”

“Amazing app and amazing Delhi going to be a world class city of India”

“This is my favorite application on my Sony experia go :-)”

“Helpful.. The app guides newcomers in a well manner. And the hotels info is great.”