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6 Key Reasons for Choosing Symfony2 Framework for Web Application Development

Published: Apr 13, 2015  |   | 

Symfony is a leading PHP framework for MVC application development. It is considered to be one of the best and most stable PHP frameworks, offering some exceptional and easy to use features. This open-source framework has been used to build dynamic websites and complex web applications since 5+ years now. Symfony is a powerful development tool, automating related patterns in development. Developers find it easier to work with Symfony due to more structured and maintainable code. The current Symfony 2 is widely used to build robust web applications. Many big enterprises and eCommerce businesses prefer Symfony2 to develop innovative and scalable apps that are flexible to changing business environment, possible due to reusable and testable code. It is highly customizable and extensible, ensuring power-packed performance of your website. Let us dive into the six key reasons for choosing Symfony2 framework for web application development.


Symfony2 framework offers many tools to simplify the work of developers. It caters to both beginners as well as advanced development needs. The framework also provides a certain level of comfort to the developers, allowing them to work with ease and be more productive.


Symfony2 consists of bundles that add various functionalities to this robust framework. You can reuse them for your other business projects as well. The bundle structure makes the framework highly flexible and expandable, providing scalability options for your business. You can add or remove features and functionalities as per your requirement, thus allowing you to scale up and down easily. Symfony2 thus helps you to expand your business without any hassles.


Symfony2 is fast and also consumes less memory in your system. Symfony2 is considered to be much faster than its predecessor. Symfony took efforts in ensuring that Symfony2 works faster and gives optimum performance from the very start.


Symfony2 is flexible and adaptive to users’ needs. It is used to build simple as well as complex web applications having multiple functionalities. It provides flexibility to include only specific features based on your business requirements. Symfony2 consists of bricks that can be used independently, eliminating the need to recode everything. Brick model allows building application step by step, including only those features that you need.

Time & Cost Factor

As mentioned above, Symfony2 framework offers reusable component that can help you to carry out common tasks. This is beneficial as it becomes possible to work on less code, thus reducing overhead costs and time involved in development process. You can also concentrate on only those features that bring value to your business.

Upgrades and Support

Symfony2 is easily upgradable, allowing users to get benefits of the bug fixes, enhancements and new features. Symfony regularly releases updated and newer versions with improvements. It also has detailed documentation available along with active development and support community. The upgrades are also well documented with inclusion of changes made in the new version, ensuring hassle-free upgrading. Symfony2 also provides long term support, thus making it a reliable framework. Symfony2 is the current major version of this framework, with its minor versions coming out at regular intervals. It is a stable and sustainable framework, providing an opportunity to businesses and enterprises to develop powerful web applications. This modular framework is apt to build intuitive, dynamic and easily maintainable web applications of all kinds. Semaphore Software specializes in building highly secure and robust web applications using Symfony2. Get in touch with us through info@semaphore-software.com to get cost-effective and customized Symfony development services!!