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Why Should You Choose Windows Phone Platform for Your Apps?

Published: Apr 16, 2015  |   | 

Windows Phone Platform for your Apps
Windows Phones have a small market share among consumer as well as business users. But many businesses choose Windows Phones for their robust features. The number of apps in Windows Phone Store runs in lakhs, which is much lesser than its competitors: Android and iOS, having more than a million apps in their app stores. Despite Windows Phones’ smaller market share and availability of less number of apps in the Windows Phone Store, they cater to a large number of requirements of users as well as businesses. Launch of Windows Phone 10 is expected to raise the market share, with many Windows phones given an option to upgrade to the Windows 10 for phones preview, as a part of Windows Insider Program. Microsoft has even released SDKs and Visual Studio Tools for Windows 10, to encourage developers to build Windows Phone 10 apps and get early start benefits. Some of the key reasons for Developers, Enterprises, Businesses and Users to prefer Windows apps are-

For Developers:

Windows Phone For Developers
  • Developing Windows Phone apps is quick, simple and easy to learn. If you have been working on Visual Studio, it is the same hereto. The development can easily be started by gaining the knowledge of Windows Phone SDKs.
  • Windows Platform offers many versatile tools to developers to build robust Windows phone apps.
  • The platform supports use of a variety of languages like C++ with DirectX, C# & C++ with XAML and JavaScript with HTML/CSS.
  • It gets a strong support from Microsoft and gives developers a platform to build powerful and scalable enterprise apps.
  • Step-by-step guidelines and detailed documentation are available online for the guidance of Windows app developers.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio is an amazing and an extremely developer-friendly tool to build Windows apps, as compared to the other platforms. It allows quick publishing, testing and sharing of the Windows apps with clients, team members and others.
  • Windows platform is not as popular as its counterparts, but it does offer a lot of professionally designed development options for both experienced as well as novice developers.
  • Windows 10 will allow developers to build an app, functional across the whole Windows 10 ecosystem, saving the time and effort needed to develop the same app across various platforms.


Windows Phone for Users
  • The UI of the Windows Phone is intuitive and attractive, giving apps a refined look on users’ smartphones.
  • The Metro/Modern UI design of Windows Phone, with sleek interface distinguishes Windows Phone apps from its competitors.
  • Windows Phone support Augmented Reality, adding marvelous detailing to backgrounds and landscapes. The Augmented Reality feature gives crisp and neat detail to life, giving an alluring experience to users playing games and using apps like travel, geography and more.
  • The Metro square make Windows Phones look sophisticated and trendy, giving the view of Windows apps in tile shape and allowing reorganizing as per users’ choices & needs.
  • Windows apps are powerful and intuitive, with numerous apps available under various categories to meet the day to day needs of users.
  • Windows Apps (previously known as Universal Apps) will easily run across Windows 10 desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, Smartphone’s, Xboxes and wearable’s, providing a unified users’ experience


Windows Phone for Businesses
  • Windows Phone apps are easy to develop, thus reducing the time taken between the development process and launch of the app in stores, thus ensuring quick turnaround time for businesses.
  • Due to fast uploading of apps in the Windows app stores, businesses will start getting users quickly, who will be downloading the apps as soon as they get to know about it. So they start to see the results of their Windows apps and the marketing efforts right away.
  • As compared to Apple Store and Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store has less number of apps, thus giving more visibility to apps and greater chances of being found by the Windows Phone users.
  • Choosing Windows Phone platform can help businesses to create a niche for them and later move to other platforms after their app gets popular.


Windows Phone for Enterprise
  • Windows platform is very useful for enterprises to integrate their Windows Phone apps with Windows domains, Office, Exchange, Mail, Azure cloud, intranet solutions and more.
  • The Windows Phone apps for enterprises are far more scalable, goal-oriented and much advanced for content creation and managing day to day functions of the organization.
  • Window Phone apps ensure security of enterprises without the need of any antivirus or anti-malware software, as they go through a detailed review and approval before getting uploaded on the Windows Phone Store. Windows Phone apps are thus apt for enterprises, as they are concerned about their data security.
  • Windows Phone apps are powerful and robust, allowing the employees of an enterprise to work while on-the-move, enabling them to create to-do-lists, set reminders, organize business schedule and much more.
  • If you have a Smartphone App- it will work seamlessly in Tablets & Desktop.
The demand for Windows Phone apps is expected to increase gradually in the coming years due to their robust and user-friendly features. Windows is the preferred platform, not only for a lot of users, businesses and enterprises but also for developers for creating ingenious apps. The latest Windows Phone 10 is considered to change the perception users have about Windows Phone by offering features using the most advanced technology, thus expanding the user-base of Windows Phone apps as well. The best feature though is you get a seamless experience from Smartphone to Tablet to Desktop if you are a Windows user- One App for all!! If you are looking for an experienced Windows Phone App Development Company offering comprehensive services for developing powerful and innovative Windows Phone apps, then get in touch with Semaphore Software through info@semaphore-software.com . Our dexterous and expert Windows Phone App Developers build sophisticated and feature-packed Windows Phone apps on the latest Windows versions, ready to give you an enhanced experience on Windows Phone 10 as well!!