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7 Things to consider before choosing a SAP Business One Solution Partner

Published: Jul 2, 2015  |   | 

SAP Business One Solution Partner
SAP Business One solution is enough for your organization to grow business, but selection of an Implementation partner also affects the decision. We today discuss few parameters that are necessary for every organization to consider before selecting the right SAP Business One Implementation partner.

SAP Business One Solution + Right Implementation Partner = Business Growth

Is your Partner Industry or Vertical Expert?

Industry or the vertical expertise is the most affecting aspect in the screening process for a Solution partner. It is important to have domain knowledge and expertise along with past experience for the implementation partner. The level of product expertise and the understanding of your business’s unique requirements must be fulfilled.

What’s your Partners Overall Track Record?

When searching for the right SAP Business One solution Partner, ask and research for their track record. Do they have the same industry vertical knowledge as you are looking for? See customer testimonials, case studies and ask for references. If the SAP Business One solution partner you are evaluating has worked for businesses like yours, then you have made the right choice.

Does your Partner Understand Requirements?

Requirement understanding is the pioneer in right partner selection process. If your solution partner won’t be able to understand your requirements on the actual way that you want, then the further processes will be automatically affected. So, check that whether they understand your business requirements or not?

Sap B1 Solution Partner

What more does your Partner Offer?

Not only implementation but other offerings like licensing, add-ons development, training and support services, upgradation services, hardware & server solutions should also be part of the Partner Service. The complete span of the solution from procurement to post deployment services should be offered by the partner, it may be on premise or on cloud solution. This would ensure you are toeing up with a single stop solution provider

Is your Partner well Coordinated?

Co-ordination and communication internally in organization as well as with client shows the strength of the Solution Partner. Effective co-ordination and communication with client and within the organization help to maintain and foster a cordial long term relationship.

Does your Partner have an Experienced Team?

Employee strength is the real strength of a Solution Partner. For SAP Business One solution implementation it’s important to have necessary skilled and experienced Team which leads to a successful implementation.

Is your Partner Flexible and Adaptive?

Flexibility and Adaptability shows the nature of the whole organization. Flexibility in the service providing, alternative solutions the companies seek from the Solution partner. The Solution partner must require adaptability to change with time and circumstances. The SAP Business One solution with the right solution partner leads to a successful implementation of the solution and continues business growth on the efficient and effective way. Silver Touch is a channel partner of SAP and has expertise in 15+ industry verticals. Silver Touch has 90+ successful SAP Business One implementations with 100% delivery record of 7+ years. Silver Touch offers SAP Business One license procurement, installation, implementation, customization, add-on development, training and support services as a whole bouquet of services. Please call us on + 91 79  26563158 or write us an email on sap@silvertouch.com .