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Top Reasons to Choose Prestashop for Ecommerce Solutions

Published: Nov 30, 2015  |   | 

Prestashop Ecommerce Development
E-commerce has taken the world by the storm. Businesses, who have earlier had limited reach, are now able to reach out to communities globally thanks to the online spaces. With a bit of investment, depending on your business needs, you can get started with selling online. There are many platforms that have shaped and positioned e-Commerce. Among the many platforms, Prestashop has managed to gain popularity and has gained an edge over its immediate competitors. Here are a few reasons why Prestashop is the e-Commerce platform for your business.

Easy to Use

Unlike Magento, which requires a certain learning curve, and installation understanding, Prestashop is pretty easy to understand and use. You can install it through one click installation programs like Softaculous. You don’t need major technical skills or training to be able to use this platform.

Available for Free

This is an open source e-Commerce platform which is available for free. There are no hidden charges associated with this platform. Just complete download of this platform, install it and get started. You don’t need to perform any further tasks to get started with Prestashop e-Commerce development.

Abundance of Themes and Templates

Prestashop comes with multitudes of themes and templates that makes designing your e-Commerce store fun and interesting. The numerous storefront enhancements offered by this platform makes your design aesthetic and elegant. The different extensions included on this platform include advanced modules, premium responsive templates, search engine optimization, secure transations, high-end admin functionality and other features to support your e-Commerce development.

Add New Features Easily

There are good amount of built-in features available with this platform. They include product management, shipping management, supply management etc. If you want to add new features and functionality, it is easy with Prestashop. You can use modules, add-ons or extensions to help add new features. Most of the modules and extensions are available for free on Prestashop. With these add-ons, you can improve the appearance of your e-Commerce website.

Mobile Friendly

Prestashop is a mobile friendly e-Commerce platform, which helps give mobility to your website. The default template for this platform has a mobile optimized shopping cart, ensuring your site can be accessed from any device. The user interface remains same for this platform across the devices, thus offering similar user experience, irrespective of the device it is accessed from.

Easy to Customize

When it comes to e-Commerce, businesses require stores that are tailored to meet their needs. It is important for you to choose a platform that can be easily customized. Prestashop offers easy customization options, which is why it is a popular e-Commerce platform. You can avail customizations like product uploading, invoice generation, sales stats visualization, coupon code creation etc. with this platform.

Backend Management

The backend is the backbone of the e-Commerce solution. With Prestashop, you get the desired backend management, thus serving you with smooth and secure data transition. It has integrated with the various payment gateways and major carriers like UPS, Fedx etc. Store management statistics and tools form a part of the backend management, which can be accessed and administered by businesses with ease. So, managing the backend is convenient with Prestashop.

Increased Flexibility

It is a highly flexible e-Commerce platform, which is why it has gained close to 5 Mn downloads within a couple of years of its launch. You can even select your preferred language with ease using this platform. IP based commerce is available which gives out store details in your preferred language. Semaphore Software offers Prestashop Development Services to convert your online selling idea into reality. To know more about our services, get in touch with us via info@semaphore-software.com