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4 Best Practices for Enterprise App Development

Published: Jan 20, 2016  |   | 

Best Practices for Enterprise App Development
Enterprise mobile app development is surely one of the most vibrant and competitive spaces in the world of technology. As smartphone and tablet penetration has increased, businesses have found mobile apps to be one of their most effective marketing tools. Hundreds of apps are being added to the app stores each day and there is increased competition among businesses to build apps that are faster, lighter, arouse desire and invite action, thus increasing the conversion rate. While features and functionality of these apps have evolved over the years, the fundamentals of good app development have remained the same. Here we take a look at four best practices for enterprise app development.

Knowing & Targeting Your Audience

Unless you are Facebook, Google or Instagram, don’t expect your app to appeal mass audience. This is one of the biggest mistakes that many businesses make with their app development project as they want to target everyone and end up targeting none. Before you begin developing or even planning your app you must know who your audiences are and what they want. Once you are sure of your target audience and classify them based on age, sex, location and other factors it is easier for you to market and promote them.

Problem Solving

How would your app offer value to their lives and why should they install your app and not one offered by your rival? This is one of the important questions that you must answer while developing the app in the first place. Your enterprise mobility solution should address a problem being faced by the user. If you can find a problem that hasn’t been solved by anyone else, you have struck gold!

Security & Functionality

It is important for you to understand the difference between consumer apps and enterprise apps. While they may seem to be the same from the user’s perspective, as a business you need to stress on the security and functionality of these apps. Users are likely to install these apps when they are subscribing to your services or when they want to do business with you. In both these cases the app needs to live up to the high expectations in terms of security of data and personal information of the user.

Focusing on User Experience

Would you love driving an ultra-luxurious vehicle that is complicated to maneuver? Irrespective of your brand value, your app is as good as the user experience it offers. Share the app among your friends and employees before releasing it for the users. If you have adverse response from the customers for your earlier version of the app, it is time to get to the drawing board and iron out the problems to offer an engaging experience to the users. Inspiring enterprise mobility solutions start at the door of a seasoned mobile app development company. At Semaphore Software, our past work speaks for our professionalism and creative brilliance. We have worked with dozens of clients and have developed enterprise apps aimed at meeting their niche requirements. Know more by writing to us at info@semaphore-software.com.