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Best Magento Front-End Extensions developed by Silver Touch

Published: Apr 25, 2016  |   | 

Best Magento Front-End Extensions developed by Silver Touch
Front-end extensions play a very important role in defining user experience for your Magento powered online store. They engage the users and, ensure higher conversion rates. Silver Touch Technologies is one of the most reputable Magento extension development company. We have been developing front-end extensions for years, and these have helped our clients attract higher sales and revenue. Here are some of our best front-end extensions that would add to the functionality of your store.

Responsive Banner Slider With Multiple Content

Imagine your online store without a slider banner; it wouldn’t look online store at all. Banner slider not only promotes your best products but also acts as a tool to engage your customers. We have developed the ‘Responsive Banner Slider with Multiple Content’ extension to help you create the most engaging banners using local images and videos. It also allows you to manage videos from YouTube. Get It Now

Dynamic Layered Extension

Layered navigation allows you to always display important components on the page. With the ‘Dynamic Layered Navigation’ extension you will be able to display important components when users scroll from the Header to the Footer section. What makes our extension stand out is the fact that there would be no jQuery conflict with default Magento and it also makes it easy for the developers to alter its design to meet the needs. Get It Now

Mobile App

If you don’t have a mobile app yet, get one as you are losing out on the rising acceptance of mCommerce. Our ‘Mobile App’ extension seamlessly integrates your Magento powered store with any native smartphone app. All features, products and functionalities of the online store will be synced with similar features and functionalities on the app. It is also compatible with the offline payment methods. Get It Now

Visitor Tracking

As an ecommerce business, you need to get into the skin of your customers to beat competition. Where are they coming from? What are they doing? Which referrer URL have they used? We have made this easy with our ‘Visitor Tracking’ extension. This extension logs every detail of the customers and also allows you to export referrer information report in to CSV or XML format. We also let you schedule cron jobs and generate periodic reports. Get It Now

Brand Shopping

Customers like to shop by brands and with the ‘Brand Shopping’ extension store admin can easily create new categories as brand and also create unlimited number of sub-categories to ensure customers can sort products by brands. This extension also creates separate links on the front-end to enable brand wise purchase. Get It Now

Discount & Special Offers

There is no better way to attract new customers and also leverage your existing customers than luring them with discounts and special offers. This extension allows you to run or end special campaigns whenever you like. Get It Now

Pre-Order for Upcoming and Not-In-Stock Products

As an online store out-of-stock products are a loss of business opportunity. Our ‘Pre Order for Up-Coming & Not In Stock Products’ extension allows you to maximize your sales by booking orders for products that would be released in near future and also for those that are out of stock. This extension also comes in handy in judging the demand for products in the market and ensuring that no product continues to sit in the warehouse beyond a certain time period. Get It Now

Display Products By Zip Code

Customers, especially those living in remote locations face issues finding the right products that can be delivered to their location. This can lead to poor user experience, which leads to dissatisfied customers. You can do away with such ordeal with our ‘Display Products by Zip Code’ extension. It only displays products that can be shipped to the clients’ location thereby reducing poor experience and increasing sales. Get It Now

Cross Sell

Cross selling has emerged as one of the best ways to increase the sale of your products to the existing customers. It allows stores to add more value to a relationship with the customer and earn their loyalty. Our ‘Cross Sell’ extension has been developed keeping this in mind and allows store admins, to set Cross-sell product for particular time duration. The cross-sell products can also be set based on the location of the customers to offer them more qualified product suggestions and increase the rate of success. Get It Now

Email Customers By Groups

If you wish to leverage the power of email marketing our ‘Email Customers by Groups’ extension is cut for you. You can send promotional emails to a group of customers based on their shopping habits at regular intervals. This extension would notify them about new products launch, latest discounts and other offerings through email. Features such as Email Sent Log, Scheduler and Custom Email Template make it stand out from other similar extensions. Get It Now As a Magento development company, Silver Touch Technologies has always welcomed challenges and turned them into opportunities. With a team of seasoned developers, we have helped ecommerce clients from different parts of the world create their niche presence. If you wish to know more about these Magento Extensions or get your online store developed, write to us at info@semaphore-software.com