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Leading Six Magento Extensions for eCommerce Sites

Published: Aug 6, 2015  |   | 

Best Magento Extensions

With the digital space gaining more attention from store owners, it is a given that soon enough mom and pop shops are going to be seen online. Magento, the dedicated e-commerce platform, helps improve the scalability and growth opportunities of the organization, thus effectively increasing conversions. But, it is not enough to get started with an online shop; you will need to improvise it by adding features and functionality. Extensions are an interesting way of enhancing your e-store. Here’s a list of extensions that you can use to further your business online.

The SERP Editor Extension

The SERP Editor Extension

The success of e-store solution depends entirely on its reach and visibility.. Better visibility means improved conversions.For this you will need to invest time and efforts in ensuring that the e-store matches the requirements of your search engines. The SERP Editor Extension will help you optimize the store to meet the search engine requirements, thus improving your search engine rankings. Certified Magento developers apply SERP editor extensions so that they can better optimize the keywords and remodel the web pages for the higher rank in organic search.

AJAX Cart Pro

AJAX Cart Pro Magento Extension

AJAX Cart Pro is a popular Magento extension. that allows you to enhance the functionality of your e-store. If you are one of those stores that believe in offering new offers or products or deals on your site, then this could be the extension for you., You can add/remove products without reloading the page. It offers a spontaneous design and has the ability to support utmost basic templates pulls so that developers can use it.

Checkout Optimization Extension

Checkout Optimization Extension

An online shopping cart can improve conversions if it has satisfied customers. The Checkout optimization extension is used in shopping carts to enhance user experience at the time of checkout. With this extension, you can process checkout in just a few steps. This not just saves the customer’s time, but also improves the service quality of your store.

Save For Later

Save For Later Magento Extension

Want to allow your customers to add multiple products to their shopping carts and buy only required products and save other products for later? This is possible with Save For Later Magento extension, which extends impressive shopping support to online buyers. It offers a new link for every product; the customer wants to buy later. You can hire Magento developer to make required changes in your online shopping store. It will generate larger profit for your business because customers will come back to saved products. Also, they may buy some more products for their new requirements.

Loading Speeding Extensions

Loading Speeding Extensions for Magento

An e-store that takes time to load will experience reduced conversions. No user has the time or patience to wait up for your site to load. Ideally, your store should get started within 2-3 seconds. You can use loading speeding extensions to help improve the loading time, and thus the performance of your e-store. It combines and compresses many JavaScript files together, which results in minimal loading time and better customer satisfaction.

Banner Slider

Banner Slider Magento Development

Choose an experienced Magento web developer and ask him to add the Banner Slider Magento extension to your online shopping cart. The administrator of the website can add new messages, offers and images relevant to the business with this extension. It makes website appealing and engaging for the visitors.

Magento Extensions help include the right functionality in the store that will help you improve conversions. You will need to identify the extensions that your store needs before including them.

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