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The Best eCommerce Platforms to Build and Expand your Online Store

Published: Feb 20, 2015  |   | 

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Global eCommerce market is growing rapidly with more number of businesses beginning to go online with their selling initiatives. Customers prefer to purchase online as the eCommerce stores offer convenience for shopping, buyers get cheaper deals and better prices, many options and varieties are available, easy comparison of price is possible, shopping experience is hassle-free and can be done from the comfort of one’s home or office.

Whether you are a newbie in the eCommerce marketplace or an established retailer looking to expand your online store, you both have the same need i.e. finding the most suitable eCommerce platform. There are many eCommerce platforms, but selecting the one which suits your business wants and needs is a difficult and confusing task. A lot of research and planning goes into it as it determines the quality of experience your customers will have when they visit your online store. It will also determine whether visitors return to your store to buy again, directly affecting your sales and revenues.

This post intends to help you out in choosing the best platform as per your needs, making your research work easier. Let’s have a look at some of the best and most popular eCommerce platforms, helping you decide which one will work best for your business!!


magento eCommerce development

Magento is one of the best platforms for eCommerce solutions and is an established leader. Being the fastest growing eCommerce platform, it flaunts numerous features, is extremely flexible and is the most trusted platform. It is the most versatile eCommerce framework and comes in Community (fit for medium to large businesses) and Enterprise (fit for enterprises) editions. It is an open-source and is incredibly advanced and customizable. One of its biggest advantages is that it has very large community support through numerous plug-ins and extensions available, allowing you to add many new functionality that do not come built-in with the Magento Platform. It is robust, SEO friendly and highly scalable, providing many options and support resources in designing, developing, launching and managing your online site and store. You can also easily integrate third-party solutions for added functionality. It provides multilingual & multi-currency support and has multi-store capabilities.


shopify eCommerce development

Shopify again is one of the popular and widely used eCommerce platforms, ideal for small to medium size businesses. It is user-friendly with its storefront being attractive and professional, consisting of a large library of apps, helping you choose the ones that fit your business. It is simple, has modern themes and provides unlimited potential for integration. A single administration dashboard allows you to choose website template, enhance and revamp your store design, add product details and manage company’s blog. It also has lots of add-ons, is SEO compliant and provides 24/7 support. It is integrated with many payment gateways, provides hosting services, shopping cart, reports & analytics and is responsive, consisting of various marketing tools and offering aesthetically pleasing sites.


BigCommerce eCommerce development

BigCommerce is a dynamic and intuitive platform offering a variety of customization tools, ideal for medium to large size businesses. It has user-friendly interface, extensive help resources and a large number of apps, helping add more functionality to your eCommerce store. It has analytics feature and easily integrates with other products/services & third party plug-ins. It has efficient blogging capabilities and helps in building scalable and powerful online stores. It is a feature-rich eCommerce platform offering easy to set-up, secure shopping cart & payment gateways, SEO configuration, innovative marketing tools, social media support, promotional tools, mobile optimized view and much more, helping you get a competitive edge and reach masses with your products.


virtuemart ecommerce development

Virtuemart is the Joomla eCommerce extension with numerous built in features, allowing you to create a sophisticated online stores within no time. It is ideal for medium to large sized businesses. One of the biggest advantages of Virtuemart is its community support including a dedicated documentation website. It is the most preferred option for a Joomla Website and for the ones who are already familiar with Joomla. It easily integrates with various payment gateways and multiple shipping methods. It has powerful SEO & SEM features with rich backend support. It supports multiple currencies has multi-language features. It also provides a personalized shopping experience and allows buyers to checkout as a guest user. It lets you add related products or categories to a particular product the buyer is looking for, thus increasing the chances of cross-selling. Hundreds of extensions are available for Virtuemart, allowing you to customize and add new features to your store.


WooCommerce eCommerce development

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, allowing you to extend an online store on your WordPress website or blog. WooCommerce leverages WordPress’ capabilities, helping retailers to build their store along with an integrated blog or website. It is ideal for small size businesses and is cost-effective & user-friendly for the ones familiar with WordPress platform. It is open-source, is easy to setup, has numerous add-ons & themes (WooThemes, ThemeForest and more) available, supports numerous payment gateways, is scalable and has a huge support community. It is quite flexible when it comes to integrating with third-party extensions & applications and provides shopping cart and online store management tools. It supports back-end operations and offers various marketing tools, helping boost sales and improving revenues.


Volusion eCommerce development

Volusion is a user-friendly, robust and comprehensive eCommerce platform, especially for the ones comfortable with HTML & CSS. It is ideal for small businesses and is cost-effective, consisting of numerous enriched features. It caters to both start-ups and growing businesses, offering attractive website designs and shopping cart themes. It requires no coding or technical skills for setting up, offers many good SEO tools, provides secure hosting services and 24/7 dedicated support, thus being one of the leading online platforms for small retailers.


opencart ecommerce development

OpenCart is an open-source e-Commerce platform having user-friendly back-end. It is a blend of simplicity and flexibility and is a feature-packed platform, offering numerous plugins. It supports multiple payment gateways and has efficient order management system. It is highly scalable and allows you to create unlimited number of categories. It also provides multilingual and multi-currency support and lets you sell n number of products. It doesn’t require much technical knowledge in setting up the store. The website has a high loading speed, giving an enhanced shopping experience to your buyers. Like Magento it also has multi-store capabilities allowing the businesses to manage all their stores through one admin panel. It has easily understandable documentation to assist you and is mobile optimized, providing an engaging shopping experience.


oscommerce ecommerce development

osCommerce is one of the oldest eCommerce platforms that can be run on different webhosts and is ideal for small businesses. It is open-source, is highly customizable and delivers utmost quality and powerful websites. It is a comprehensive and versatile platform with a huge support base. It provides easy and quick view of your store’s information with unlimited items, products and categories. It supports multiple currencies & languages and numerous payment gateways and is SEO optimized. It helps in easily setting up a secure and self-hosted store and offers a number of themes, plugins and over 7,000 free add-ons, giving you full control on the look & feel of your online store.

Choosing the right platform totally depends on your business model and requirements. This decision should be taken after proper research and with a good amount of foresight, which otherwise might lead to negative consequences. Selecting the best-fit eCommerce platform will help you to develop an efficient website and a great online store; giving you brand recognition and helping your business grow.

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