B2E Mobile Apps are Helping Enterprises to Boost Productivity!

May 21, 2015 Published by: Disha Kakkad

B2E enterprise Mobile Apps development
With the Smartphone’s boom at its peak, enterprises are mobilizing their workforce to enhance productivity and increase responsiveness. Employees now get access to critical business information on their Smartphone’s or PDAs, enabling them to take smarter and more informed decisions. B2E (Business-to-Employee) mobile apps help to improve the efficiency of the employees to a great extent. Let us understand why B2E mobile apps hold importance for enterprises!
  • Enterprise apps that are specially designed for employees have potential to significantly increase productivity and also improve employee satisfaction. These apps help employees to work in a better and faster way, thus enhancing business efficiency and giving your business a competitive advantage.
  • B2E apps facilitate Employee Self Service, helping workers to enter their timesheets, leaves, expenses and much more directly from their Smartphone’s even while on-the-move. This offers convenience to employees and also provides their accurate and timely information to the enterprises.
  • Enterprise apps for employees help save the time of workers and reduce paperwork. They can access the apps at any point of time and be connected to the business on the go. The concept of BYOD is gaining popularity and B2E apps serve this purpose effectively.
  • Employees get access to real-time business data through mobile apps. This helps them to take better decisions and carry on enterprises’ functions efficiently.
  • B2E apps are of great utility to the field workforce. They can be in constant touch with the enterprise and reduce their travel time. They don’t require commuting to the workplace repeatedly and can carry on their tasks from the field.
  • Mobile office has lead to an increased collaboration among employees working at different locations of the world. It is easy to conduct meetings and connect to employees through B2E apps. It is also possible for more than one employee to work at the same document simultaneously through Cloud technology.
  • B2E mobile apps keep the employees of an enterprise updated with the latest industry trends. They also get to know about the regular activities of their competitors.
  • Employees can serve their customers in a better way by giving prompt response to their queries, instantly communicating with them and solving their problems quickly through mobile apps.
Employees of an enterprise need mobile apps to access important business data on-the-go for taking faster decisions, collaborating easily and managing their day-to-day tasks and schedules. They also need to be aware about the things that happen around their business. Organizations should fully utilize the capabilities of enterprise mobile apps to give maximum benefit to the employees. B2E mobile apps thus play an important role in boosting the productivity of employees and increasing their efficiency levels!! Semaphore Software can help enterprises to realize the full potential of B2E mobile apps. Our Mobile Application developers have rich experience in enterprise mobile app development, giving your business the ‘mobile app advantage’ through employees’ focused apps! Contact us through info@semaphore-software.com to get custom mobile apps built for your enterprise!!