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B2B Mobile Applications – Enhancing the Scope of Enterprise Mobility

Published: May 13, 2015  |   | 

B2B Enterprise Mobile App Development
B2B mobile applications are used to conduct business between two or more companies. They focus on transactions taking place between businesses. Enterprises already have mobile apps built for their customers; they are now adopting mobile apps for business-to-business domain to discover and transact with other businesses easily. Many businesses are still of the opinion that having a mobile app for customers are useful but B2B mobile apps can hardly help. This post throws light on how this perception doesn’t hold true, with the rising use of mobile apps in recent times. B2B enterprise mobile applications are of great utility and cater to larger and more diverse business areas.
  • B2B mobile apps are very useful to enterprises for expanding their operations across the globe. If is difficult to offer products and services across various regions; mobile apps make this task simpler. Mobile apps are an amazing tool for marketers to explore the global markets and foreign regions, helping them find new channels irrespective of the geographical location.
  • A B2B mobile application can help enterprises in placing orders and managing inventory and supply chain. An app can scan the barcodes of a product, store billing and shipping information and help detect low stock and re-order levels. A B2B mobile app connects enterprises to the supplier, allowing them to place orders whenever stock reaches the re-order level.
  • Mobile apps can allow enterprises to reach out to other businesses easily and in real-time. Apps increase the interaction between businesses, reduce their time in searching for relevant information and improve an enterprise’s efficiency.
  • Enterprises attend various events to promote their products & services. Companies that arrange such business events and meetings can use a mobile app to send invitations to their guests; informing them about the schedules, timings and roads through maps. These apps can even be integrated with social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.
  • Enterprises can send digital newsletter or magazines with call to action buttons through mobile apps to businesses. This can help them to spread their reach by getting more business partners.
  • Enterprises can be in touch with their business partners through mobile apps. They can respond to the sales leads immediately, which otherwise might become matured. This helps them to be competitive.
  • B2B mobile apps can even be helpful to enterprises in selling their products to other businesses. For example an enterprise selling TV sets, Air-Conditioners or Refrigerators can contact an online business owner to sell their products on their e-Commerce platform and be in continuous touch.
Enterprises have started using mobile apps to carry on their B2B transactions. This has broadened their corporate horizon and made them carry out their functions in a much easy and fast way. B2B mobile apps add value to an enterprise’s sales and provide access to information across various channels. There is a fierce competition out there and an enterprise needs to adopt mobility solutions for their B2B transactions to achieve business results! If you are an enterprise planning to leverage the mobile technology to interact with various businesses, Semaphore Software can cater to your requirement! We hold competency in developing custom mobile apps for enterprises to help them connect to other businesses, enabling real time information exchange. Our Expert Mobile App developers are committed to provide tailored B2B enterprise mobile apps to strengthen your business framework, boost growth and drive more profit. Get in touch with us through info@semaphore-software.com to know more about our enterprise mobility solutions!!