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Avoid these 7 Mistakes to Save your Mobile Apps from Failure

Published: May 25, 2015  |   | 

Avoid these 7 Mistakes to Save your Mobile Apps from Failure
There are a large number of apps available in the mobile app stores, but not all of them succeed. Even great apps fail to deliver results due to some common mistakes. A mobile app development company puts in its best efforts to get a good outcome but ignorance towards one or more factors can lead to failure. So here is a collection of some of the issues that lead to an app’s failure or reduce its ability to succeed; along with the suggestions for improvements.  

Ineffective Mobile Strategy

Ineffective Mobile Strategy Businesses sometimes fail to frame an effective mobile strategy. Mistakes like starting with the technology and then trying to adjust the processes to that technology, planning based on use cases and applying the same mobile strategy for all its apps can lead to disastrous results. To get the most out of the investment in the mobile app development, you have to understand what people need, what they do and what they are looking for. There should be a roadmap for your app, outlining the upcoming features to focus on, bugs to fix and more. An app should make the tasks of the users easier and quicker, giving them an enjoyable experience.  

Lack of Proper Research

Lack of Proper Research Building a mobile app is an important decision. Lack of proper research regarding the demand and popularity of apps among users might put the mobile app development company into difficulty. Deciding the category and the platform of the app is even more difficult. If proper time is not given on making research, it can create problems not only during the development process but also after the launch of the app. Hence take out sufficient time to research and study, for getting a unique yet simple idea to attract a large user base.  

Low Quality Apps

Low Quality Apps Compromising on the quality of apps for their quick launch will lead to the failure of apps. As per a research, users find almost half of the total app defects. This is due to improper testing. Developers need to focus on improving the quality of the mobile app. In no case you can consider your users your testers. Apprenuers should keep some period for beta testing. Due to aggressive schedules and almost no time left between the app completion and launch dates, it becomes impossible to refine experience based on feedback, inputs, tweaks & polishes or additional bug fixing. This leads to launch of low quality apps. If your app will be of poor quality your users will get annoyed and uninstall it. And once you will lose the confidence of your users, you will not be able to regain it!  

Unpleasant UI

Unpleasant UI No user will like to install an app that lacks creative designing. The UI of the app should appeal to the users. It should be intuitive and user-friendly. Your app might be working perfectly but if it gives a dull or “subdued” look, users will lose interest in it. The application should be impressive and stunning for the users to attract them. The name of the app should be catchy to make the users download it. Proper attention should be given to fonts and its size. The content should be relevant, providing users an overview of the working of the app and how they can run it smoothly.  

Improper Execution

Improper Execution You had an excellent strategy in place for your mobile app, but if it portrays poor execution, it is definitely going to be unaccepted by the users. Also if too many advertisements pop up or the users are forced to fill their personal data, they will get frustrated. If your app crashes repeatedly due to bugs, users will tend to uninstall it and move to your competitors.  

Poor Marketing Strategy

Poor Marketing StrategyIf users are not aware about the launch of your app, it will not succeed. An effective marketing strategy is required for more downloads and maximum users. You should start promoting your app well in advance, before it is launched. In recent times many marketing techniques are used like social media marketing, paid marketing, email marketing and more. Use these techniques efficiently to create awareness among users. You can even offer them coupons to attract them towards your app. It is equally important for you to differentiate your app from your competitors. Your app should be unique; you need to think out-of-the-box. Promote your app by showing its USP to the users.  

Irregular updates

Irregular updates Your app should be flexible enough to make it compatible with the newer versions as and when released. If you don’t update your app regularly, users will discard your app. Users always look forward to new functionality in an app and if you not cater to this requirement, your app is certainly going to fail. It is very essential for a mobile app development company to have a vision of their app beyond launch. Users might not accept your app or lose interest in it, if it is not user-friendly or provide them a poor experience. Although not exhaustive, this blog post throws light on some of the crucial mistakes leading to a mobile app’s failure and should be helpful to anyone looking to get started with the mobile app development or getting disheartened due to failure of the mobile app. Again, none of these specific anecdotes will guarantee you success. Avoiding these mistakes can certainly bring you closer to seeing your app a success! Semaphore is a leading mobile application development company, having extensive experience in developing apps for all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Our team of skilled and talented mobile application developers will craft custom mobile apps, tailored to fit your exact business needs. We are well aware of the mistakes than can lead to the failure of an app and ensure consistent performance of your app. Contact us through info@semaphore-software.com┬áto convert your vision and ideas into a successful mobile app!!