Automated Driving Test Track – An IoT Application

August 27, 2015 Published by:

Internet of Things has spreads its wings into different quarters where the sensitive data can be stored with highest security. If we talk about the software development, then the code that is built will promote its quality, catch bugs and accelerate the development iterations with ease. Things will be complicated in the embedded world, and the user will have to move to integrate better into their daily practices. Taking a perfect example of an IoT application, the government wants to build an automated driving test track using IoT to reduce manual interference and have unbiased results. So to ensure accuracy, you need to use IoT for its Automation.

IoT in Automotive Industry

Nowadays, IoT is considered one of the most trending technologies that play a vital role in opening new business opportunities and bringing companies benefits from new revenue streams. Automation is carried out where most testing methods are being used with delivering the software services along with adding its fixes and other critical automation. We create an automated system that checks the committed errors with recording the full process with giving speed and precision.

Do you think test automation is considered to be the heart of the IoT?

As the demand of the connected devices and application, one must build useful and robust apps based on the needs. The automated testing would stand for the flexibility and other light-weighted approaches with keeping the fundamental principles in mind to enhance the process. The IoT developers would bring lots of improvement based on existing applications. Here’s the proof where we can say that IoT test automation is essential.

  • Future Perspective: Get a combined IoT testing using the validate approach and modernize performances.
  • Better Engagement: Ensure the end user experience across multiple channels
  • Speedy Time-to-Market: Test the speedy market to leverage the early automation in IoT testing

As we know that IoT trends emerge rapidly along-side with various IoT components, it has added an essential role in the business world as an organization to enhance their competitive edge. Some of the benefits of IOT in RTO are listed below:

  • Increase in test productivity
  • Removing hardware resource bottleneck
  • Scaling the present and future needs
  • Realistic and security testing
  • Performance and Load testing
  • Service Virtualization

What solution did Silver Touch give to the Automation driving test app?

The user who has applied for a license will have to register using the Mobile app which is developed by our Mobile expertise. Once the process is completed, you’ll receive a unique identification number which will be required to the user before starting the test. This IoT technology used in automated drive test will beam along-side with data precision. All the data will be recorded and sent to the central control software where the data is analyzed, and the results will be displayed based on pre-set criteria. Different technologies communicate over the network without human interaction, and its effects would include the high levels of accuracy.

IoT is all set to meet the product goals based on its approach and allows high-repeatable & scalable tests. If you’re looking for an automated system but worried about the IoT complexity, then contact us for the best IoT service level testing with building a virtual test environment. We have the expert team who is ready to resolve your queries with quick processing. Get in touch with us at