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Apps That Are Boosting Your Brain Power

Published: Jul 4, 2016  |   | 

Apps That Are Boosting Your Brain Power
Apps sitting in your smartphone may not be so bad after all. Despite the constant focused eyes and hand wringing in smartphone leading to downfall of society, there is mounting evidence that this habit might actually be good. There are apps that not only offer entertainment but also rigorously activate your brain cells. Science is still working on how our brain works, how it reacts to different stimuli, and how it can further evolve? Well, one thing has been proven for sure-healthy engaged lifestyle affects every minute of the future life. So we insisted VeztekUSAto help us announce this news that there are mobile apps being developed which can boost your brain power too. Below is a list of apps that make you smarter, boost your brain cells and make the waiting process in queues even fun. Whether you love iOS or Android there are apps for both the users.

Personal Zen

The smarter you are, the calmer you become. Your willpower to control your stress is majorly a reason of your own smartness but, what Personal Zen does is-simply doubles the work with no personal effort. The game has two characters- one is calm & happy, while the other is very angry and negative. The game demands you to follow the good character and this helps you attain positive energy. It has been created by a team of neuroscientists and developers to lower stress by giving 10 minutes a day.


CogniFit improves not just cognitive skills but also makes concentration and memory better as well. This app offers a number of games that are entertaining and challenging. The app is especially designed by a neuroscientist and it keeps a record of your progress. It also suggests the games you should play. A 20 minute play can help boost your brain activity.


Almost everyone is aware of this game app. In case you are not, you should know now that it is the most famous brainpower boosting app. The app helps boost your memory, concentration, and enables you to solve problems as well. The game offers newness at all levels, without giving you a single moment of boredom. The team that has developed the app promises to make your mental skills even better. Moreover you can challenge yourself and others by checking your scores and competing with others.


As the name explains, Happify is about being happy and making you happy. It seems unbelievable when we say that an app can make you happy. But, yes this app has various activities that eliminate the negativity, helps overcome stress, and enables you to become happy by being grateful. This app ensures higher IQ and peace of mind. The tasks you have on daily basis will trigger your creativity.


You can handle the routine projects and tasks in a totally new way with Casuals. Your plans and tasks are drawn as a flowchart. Casual is a visual app and enables you to visualize the dependencies between the tasks. It doesn’t even require you to click on tabs for finding out about the project aspects.

Atlas by Collins

You can travel around the world with Atlas by Collins and your finger click. You will not only see places of the world but will also get to know the places and find out various details about them. The app is purchasable for just $ 0.99 and you will get to use a variety of maps, nine globes, and more fun tools.

Circle Memory Game

Memory is the place where all the data is stored. When you need a certain piece of information it gets retrieved and applied to your concerns. This ability of solving issues is called intelligence. With Circle Memory Game you not only increase your memory, intelligence but also manage to support Alzheimer’s research. You can purchase this app for $ 0.99 and you will enjoy every minute.

Brain Train Special

This game app is free to use. It enables Android users remember phone numbers and solve other mathematical problems. The game is available in the following modes: letter sequence, speedy shapes, match ninja, number sequence, tricky colors, memory numbers, memory letters, 18 session modes, phone number, target, question mode, memorize 123, 3D Cubes, and Sudoku and other such modes as well.

mTrainer Pro

Letting your brain experience new things will not only sharpen it but also make it healthier as well. The mTrainer Pro is a brain gym created to make you smarter and sharper and let your brain function perfectly. You can buy the app for $1.99.

The New York Times Crossword

Whenever you try solving a crossword, you are thinking in different way, trying to connect through different angles, and attacking the problems in different ways-this makes you smarter. You can become intelligent by playing the crossword puzzle. This free app has all the crossword puzzles published in the newspaper.


Set goals for yourself! You will start using your brain in different ways to actually combat the task. This accelerates your brain functioning and helps you understand your purposes in a better way. When you download apps, there’s more to just fun and entertainment. You can utilize every app out there and make your wait time and hands worth every second. Brain work apps are categorized on app stores under different options and age groups, see where you stand and how well can your tackle the intelligence of the creators.