Apple iOS 9 – A Comprehensive Look into its Top Features

December 4, 2015 Published by: Keval Padia

iOS 8 wasn’t the smoothest OS rollout in Apple’s history. Apple’s OS adoption figures though include 87 percent who are using iOS 8. One of the major problems included the free space required to install, and though the changes did not impact much, there was huge potential to attract huge bugs. iOS 9 is the necessary spit-and-polish release that follows a transformative release. It is not akin to iOS 7’s complete redesign. Here are some long-overdue changes from Apple that make the operating system more capable.

Better Battery Life

Apple has reduced the battery capacity, but iOS 9 boasts of better battery efficiency. iOS 9 is expected to make every Apple device last longer with better battery efficiency. The efficiency will help all Apple devices to work better and for more time on a single charge.

Power Saving Mode

iOS 9 has a power saving mode along with general battery improvements, especially when users are desperately looking to conserve the power. With the new mode, one can get the iPhone to work for extra three hours. Although there will be minor sacrifices to enable this mode, one can expect reduced background processes especially with respect with speed and screen brightness.

Reduced Installation Size

Apple has been criticised for continuing with 16GB of storage but now the space required to install iOS 9 is quite low to upgrade, for all iOS devices. This installation will save storage space, reduced from the required 4.58GB of free space to just about 1.3GB. The capacity of iOS devices will not be affected much in this regard especially for future upgrades. The updates will be easy even for those with 1.3GB or less free space.

Side-by-Side Multitasking

Apple now brings side-by-side multitasking as well as picture-within-picture tasking into the fold with iOS 9. The iPad will also present split screen multitasking. The feature is only applicable to iPad new versions and not for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6S Plus. Apple is planning to launch this feature for the iPhones in the near future. An improved app switcher is being introduced with a horizontal scrolling action that supports closing of multiple apps. The new version also integrates Handoff for quickly sending emails, messages, and the like to Apple devices.

Smarter Siri

Siri was lagging in the competition with Cortana and Google Voice Search, but iOS 9 sees new improvements with the office assistant. Now it supports natural language search and third party app makers finally have access to it. Developers are expected to usher in new and innovative ways of integrating voice control in varied apps especially the gaming apps. Siri will also get ‘always listening’ capabilities and expected to be voice specific to the owner’s iOS devices.

Proactive Assistant

iOS has also introduced the Proactive assistant which aggregates all content on your device to show pertinent content before you need it. Based on your daily schedule or calendar notifications, you might be shown driving directions, tracking information based on emails etc. Apple has revealed that it will not share data with its own servers or third parties.

Improved Keyboard

iPhone owners will benefit from slight graphical tweaks to their keyboards, but with the new Quicktype, iOS 9 will now bring up spelling suggestions and even some autocomplete options, while creating much needed space for dedicated shortcuts for activities like cut, copy, paste, and other actions. The new two finger touch will help operating the keyboard like a trackpad for document scrolls, text highlight and other functions.

Apple Maps Innovations

Apple Maps is slowly rising out of the ashes, making notable progress and with iOS 9 it will feature catch-up options from Google Maps. It will feature detailed public transport information along with internal mapping for airports and shopping centers. Users are expected to get walking directions indoors although the availability of these maps is expected to be limited to some places only.

Apple News

Apple now offers news options like the Flipboard with its Apple News working closely with numerous major publishers for creating a rich, aggregated and beautiful versions of content for users. Apple is expected to get more control over advertising, but with easily consumable content, it is surely hinting at a game-changer in more ways than one.

Safari Ad Blockers

What iOS 9 offers to publishers will be blocked by its own Safari in iOS 9 that will support several third party ad blockers. With a rush of ad blocking apps, one can expect the third party ads are restricted to user reach.

Upgraded Notes

iOS 9 presents a major overhaul of Notes although not as powerful as Evernote. Notes will now support several drawings, handwritten notes, all types of embedded images, previews of URLs and diverse attachments. With iOS 9 features offered to all iOS 8 eligible devices, the new features hint at an increased focus on speed and battery life, and Apple is expected to rule again with the new version.