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Android Security Vulnerabilities Every Developer Should Know

Published: Dec 22, 2015  |   | 

Android Security Vulnerabilities
Android has surely revolutionized the way we use our smartphones. As the largest mobile operating system in the world, it has powered more than a billion devices around the world. Being an open source and highly scalable platform, it allows developers to come out with engaging and interesting applications. While there are many advantages to using this platform, there are security vulnerabilities that you need to be aware of. These vulnerabilities can easily compromise the security of the data and a users’ personal information. If you are an Android developer you need to be aware of these vulnerabilities to secure your apps. Here, we will take a look at some of the most common vulnerabilities that every developer should know of.

Open Source

The very thing that makes your life as a developer easy, also makes it challenging from security perspective. Since the entire source code is easily available, people with malicious intent will look out for opportunities to create a security breach.


As an Android developer this is one of the most challenging things you would have to deal with. The same OS is being used for devices below $100 and ones above the $800-$1000 mark. With hundreds of manufacturers giving their own touches to the operating system, new age viruses and malwares are finding it easy to exploit the loopholes that you won’t find with Stock Android.

Slow Upgrades

Android users are infamous for being slow in adopting new patches and upgrades or moving onto the new version of the operating system. Sticking to an outdated version of the OS makes them more vulnerable to data and identity thefts. As a developer you need to take this in a stride while developing apps for your clients.

JS-Binding-Over-HTTP Vulnerability

As a developer you may find the JavaScript binding method the easiest way if loading web content into your Android app but this can come at a huge security cost. When you are opening the door for web view using HTTP you also throwing an open invitation to the attackers to entirely hijack the HTTP data or event execute codes onto your app remotely.

Third Party App Stores

Though this may not be a security problem directly related to Android, it does deserve a mention. The fact is these stores have more malware ridden apps than Google Play store. Though not all third-party stores are bad, you need to carefully find ones where you would make your app available. Your app can not only suffer from security threats in such stores but can also earn bad reputation among your target audience if they have nasty experience with these stores. If you are planning to develop an app to promote your business, it is important that your app overcomes these vulnerabilities. You need the services of a professional android development company, and we at Semaphore Software let you make deep penetration among your target audience. Your possibilities with Android apps aren’t bound by any limits and to know more write to us at info@semaphore-software.com and get in touch with our team today.