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Here’s Why your Enterprise Should Choose Android platform for App Development

Published: Jun 24, 2015  |   | 

Android for App Development
Enterprise mobility has undoubtedly become the buzzword in the current scenario. A large number of enterprises are flocking towards mobility solutions to increase efficiency and improve profitability. Android is one of the most preferred platforms for enterprise mobile app development as it allows enterprises to eliminate overhead and save time & cost, offering new business possibilities. Android is fueling custom development for building robust enterprise apps. Have a look at some of the foremost reasons for opting for Enterprise Android App Development.
  • Android SDK provides very flexible and avant-garde development framework with rich end-client experience. Android also supports integration of various third-party APIs with the application, thus catering to the growing needs of an enterprise.
  • Android fulfills the requirements of enterprises for various types of apps like an app that supports the entire system, or sub-system, or an app that automates the system itself. Android is used by various business domains as it delivers robust and scalable enterprise solutions.
  • Android apps are feasible to implement and help to achieve the targets of an enterprise in an easy and efficient way. Android apps are also user-friendly, making it much easier for enterprises to adopt BYOD policy too.
  • Android apps make it simpler for enterprises to relay information, facilitate conversations and work collaboratively.
  • Android apps help protecting the sensitive information of an enterprise, thus reducing the risk of trade secrets being exposed. Enterprise Android apps have robust security features to prevent data theft.
  • Enterprise Android apps can be integrated with Google Analytics, which provides information regarding users, their demographics, what made users come to you, real-time reporting of who is using your apps and much more. Enterprises can get a deeper understanding of how users interact with their app.
  • Android OS allows you to pack the app with various enterprise centric features and focus on usability aspect to deliver better results.
  • Enterprise Android apps will help you to improve productivity, increase employee responsiveness, ensure effective customer service, enhance sales revenues and boost brand image.
All in all, enterprise-level Android apps help the businesses to operate more efficiently and reach greater heights! Android is just the right platform for a simple enterprise mobile app and also for a complex technical customization. Semaphore Software is a renowned Android application development company, having expertise in developing powerful enterprise mobile apps that deliver tangible business results. Get in touch with us through info@semaphore-software.com to contact our Android app developers with sound and in-depth knowledge of building custom enterprise Android apps at cost-effective rates!