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Android Marshmallow vs. Android Nougat: What Has Changed?

Published: Dec 1, 2016  |   | 

Android Marshmallow vs. Android Nougat: What Has Changed?
It’s been quite a few weeks since the latest and the seventh version of Android, Android Nougat or Android N was released. Initially released in mostly flagship phones from the top manufacturers, it has now beenmade available to millions of users through downloads. The previous version 6.0 Marshmallow was much appreciated by the users and hence Google had to come out with something inspiring to attract users to the new version of the OS. If reviews and talk in the Android app development community is anything to go by Google doesn’t seem to have disappointed with the new release. If you have been a fence sitter and wondering what has changed in Android Nougat from Android Marshmallow here are some of the notable improvements.

Read on to know how what has changed with Android N

Better Battery Life

It is one area that Google has been working for long as phones get faster and more demanding on the battery. The Doze mode from Marshmallow has been significantly improved upon. This functionality has been made more aggressive and is projected to help you get 30% more juice out of every charge.

Multi-Window View

Though this can’t really be termed a change from Marshmallow as it was available in the Developers Option, nonetheless it is a huge improvement for an average use. With this multi-window view in Android N users would be able to run two different apps on the same screen and move between them by simply tapping on the screen. The app switcher option allows you to bring any two apps to your home screen.

Notification Bar UI Change

For the first time Android users would have access to setting toggles on top of the notification toggle bar. This marks a huge improvement in terms of usability as you can switch networks, turn on Wi-Fi, control volume etc. This definitely adds to the user experience.

New Settings Menu

Google has done away with old settings style that was there in last few versions of the OS. In the new settings menu they have introduced hamburger menu style where every item has been categorized. Users can now switch from one setting category to another without having to come to the main settings screen.

VR Support

While Google’s Cardboard didn’t quite fare as the company would have expected it had shown users the possibilities with Virtual Reality. In this new version of the Operating System Google has included VR support,which is way ahead of the rudimentary Cardboard and the NFC that you may have used in the past. It is a big step and changes the possibilities with a smartphone.

Notification Direct Reply

We have seen this before but it has been taken to a new level as now you would be able to send instant reply to messages without having to open the app. If you love chatting with friends all throughout the day this is one feature that you would surely fall in love with.

Android TV Recording

Don’t miss your favorite games or shows as the new Android TV Recording feature allows you to record and playback content from your Android TV. It surely does add a new dimension to your phone.

Instant Apps

Another huge addition to Nougat has been Android Instant Apps. As the name suggests a user would be able to use these app without downloading them. You can find them via Internet Searches or Email links and use them. The apps automatically discard themselves once you are done with the task. This will allow businesses to market their apps more aggressively.

File-Based Encryption

This is a major security improvement as this will protect individual users on a device. All data would be encrypted at the file level, thus allowing Android to separate individual users on the same device

Software Download in Background

You may have seen a glimpse of this in Marshmallow but there has been a huge improvement in Android N as all your updates would be downloaded in the background. Basically, you don’t have to wait for the updates to end before you can start using the device.

Emergency Info

Smartphones can save lives and if you need an example the ‘Emergency Info’ feature in Android N is there for you. If you are suffering from a chronic disease or are in need of special medication you can store relevant details and any person who finds your phone will be able to access this without unlocking the phone. Read Also : The All-New Security Upgrades for Android N These new features and functionalities not only make Android Nougat inspiring from a user point of view. It also lends businesses the opportunity to draw maximum leverage and use applications to promote their brands and sell products/services. For this you need to hire an agency that holds strong reputation in Android app development services. Partnering with Semaphore Software can redefine app development processes by incorporating the best practices. To discuss these possibilities and know the scope of mobile app development write to us at info@semaphore-software.com