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The Key Reasons Why Android App Development Leads to Business Success

Published: Jun 15, 2015  |   | 

Android App Development Leads to Business Success
As witnessed, the evolution of Android brought a complete change in the mobile industry, with a gradual upsurge in Smartphone’s use. Android is the reason behind the tremendous popularity of Smartphone’s. It has not only attracted users but also developers by offering an incredible platform for Android app development. Android apps are widely used by businesses to increase productivity and ROI! They also help a business to stay connected with their customers. Below stated are the key reasons why Android app development drives your business ahead!
  • Android has the largest number of users, with Android currently occupying 81% of the total market share of Smartphone’s. This gives businesses an opportunity to capture the huge Android market through their apps, helping them connect to a large number of users.
  • Android is open-source and is used by millions of businesses due to its development-friendly tools. Android has low barrier to entry. It requires low development and licensing costs. It serves as the most cost-effective way to connect to a huge market of Smartphone’s users. A business can start using Android apps to market its offerings at any time without any additional investment.
  • Android is very popular among developers as it allows them to interact with its large community for Android app development. It also brings benefits to businesses as they can easily connect to the active community of developers, who regularly bring new updates and features to the Android devices.
  • Through Google Play’s support, businesses find the Android app market attractive. They get an advantage to market their developed apps in an easier way and reach a wider audience.
  • Android is well-known for providing advanced integration options to businesses. They can integrate web application, social media platforms, document sharing features, ERP, CRM & other systems, eCommerce sites and much more into their Android app.
  • Android apps are easily customizable, giving you the option to tailor them as per your business requirements.
  • Android also provides a business the option to distribute its applications through multiple channels. Businesses can use Google Android Market to promote and distribute their apps for a wider reach. Android also allows you to form your own distribution and sales channel and even create your own app stores. You can choose your own promotional strategy and reach Android’s large user-base.
It is important for your business to have Android apps to connect to customers and move ahead towards improving bottom-line. Your business might otherwise get lost in this highly-competitive market, where a large number of businesses have already chosen Android platform for marketing their offerings! If you are looking to get high-quality and robust Android apps for your business, you have landed at the right place! Contact Semaphore Software through info@semaphore-software.com to get comprehensive Android app development services! Our Android app developers will convert your idea into a feature-rich app, delivering tailored Android app to suit your business requirements!!