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Allow Shoppers for Brand Shopping

Published: Nov 17, 2015  |   | 

Brand Shopping - Magento Extension
Online stores have been one of most lucrative and efficient channel for various brands/manufacturer to put on their commodities for Sales & Marketing. With increasing number of products & brands the customers face difficulty in making their choice. So it is quite essential for the online stores to offer a better & easy option to the customers for shopping products of their choice brand. We have an exclusive Magento Extension for Brand Shopping. The Extension segregates the product on the basis of brands and offers the users a friendly way of browsing the catalogue.

What is Brand Shopping?

Brand Shopping is a Magento Extension which allows the store administrator to categorize products on basis of brands. The customers can have an option to shop by selecting their preferable brands; it eases their purchasing experience and provides them brand information. Brand shopping is available for Magento Community Edition from version 1.5 to 1.9

When to Opt for Brand Shopping?

Magento store owner marketing or selling products from multiple brands and striving to promote them & providing customers a better option to browse, could use this extension to suffice their needs and higher their sales rate.

Key Aspects of Brand Shopping Extension

  • Administrator can put Brand option in the main menu along with category
  • Listing page for the brand can be available in the store
  • Each brand can have its own page with logo & description
  • Brand page displays the subsequent list of products
  • Easy installation of the extension from the package file
Key Aspects of Brand Shopping Extension

How it Works?

  • Admin can assign brand shopping as main category and the brands as sub categories
  • Customers can browse through brands and its products
  • Customers can directly add product to cart from brand page
  • Option to enable & disable the extension anytime from the backend

Benefits of Brand Shopping

  • Provide customer a better user experience
  • Facilitate brand promotion
  • Helps to increase sales growth rate
  • Easy admin interface for brand management
Magento e-commerce platform is one of the highly recommended solutions for building online store due to its extensive features and large directory of extension. In the steep competition between e-commerce solutions Magento has been leading the list. Brand shopping is one of the preferable extensions for the Magento stores looking toward facilitating customers to shop on brands. This extension is developed and maintained by Silver Touch Technologies Limited. It consists of a team of professional Magento developers and has contributed significant extensions over the years. Get it @: www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/brand-shopping-17073.html www.silvertouch.com/MagentoExtensions/silver-shop-by-brand-magento-extension.html Still have any question or need support, feel free to contact us: Extension@silvertouch.com .