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All You Need to Know about the Latest Magento 2.4 Version

Published: Sep 3, 2020  |   | 

magento 2.4 highlights

No roadblock can hit the thriving Magento community! The latest version of Magento 2 is released in this pandemic time as Magento 2.4. Magento Commerce released this recent version on July 28 with great stuff necessary to accelerate your eCommerce business in the current challenging landscape.

Every Magento version gives this platform an edge over other platforms in various aspects and Magento 2.4 is no exception! Let’s go through the key highlights of Magento 2.4 from the perspective of an eCommerce development company.

Major Updates of Magento 2.4 Version

Magento 2.4 release has 98 new features, 50 security changes, 7 test cycles, 68 bug fixes, and 12 packages along with the support for PHP 7.4. Here are the key highlights of the latest Magento 2.4.0.

  • • Purchase Approval Workflows

Magento 2.4 has a new approval workflow for enhancing the B2B buying experience. It enables buying companies to customize their processes of approval using a simple form. Approval rules can be defined as the number of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), order value, or shipping costs. Users can also create numerous rules to achieve more flexibility and assign them to multiple approvers. For example, if you have created a limit on purchases made by junior buyers, transactions beyond this limit will need approval from a higher manager.


The corresponding notification system has substantially increased the efficiency of B2B interactions. This system sends messages when reviews are necessary. Also, the enhancement in workflow approval has made it possible to approve, reject, or comment on a purchase order in an account of the company’s employee. It makes online ordering faster and more convenient.

  • In-store Pickup

Inventory Management (formerly known as Multi-Source Inventory in Magento) has introduced a new method called In-Store Pickup. It enables merchants or Magento shop owners to select the physical inventory locations to be displayed as customer pickup points. Customers can utilize this feature during the checkout to find a nearby location. With flexible configurations and notifications, the In-store Pickup method can be adjusted in line with the curbside pickup method.

  • Seller-assisted Shopping

Magento shop owners can guide and assist their customers with the new functionality of Magento 2.4. It is known as aSeller-assisted Shopping and offers the following features-

• Magento 2 administrators can troubleshoot any part of the buying process by having full access to the customer’s account

• Magento administrators can guide customers through any custom functionality provided in the platform

• As a Magento 2 shop owner, you can save the customer’s valuable time by placing orders and generating quotes for them

seller-assisted shopping
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  • PWA Enhancement

Magento 2.4 boasts the latest version of PWA Studio. It is available for both Commerce and Open Source versions and contributes to accelerating the development process. It has a complete built-in cart and checkout workflow. What’s more, the Magento 2.4 has an extensibility framework to customize the capabilities of PWA Studio and support for Venia UI components.

  • New Media Gallery

The new Magento 2.4 has made it easier to create an excellent content-driven experience. In both Commerce and Open Source versions, merchants can leverage the benefits of a redesigned Media Gallery with enhanced performance. Adobe Stock integration enables them to work up to 30 times faster. Also, Magento 2.4 offers controlled access to the Media Gallery to make the process more secure. New Media Gallery has image attributes to search and filter images with ease.

media gallery
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The recent version has put the focus on security. Magento 2.4 has several security enhancements including

• Default two-factor authorization (2FA) for Magento Admin Panel

• Default template filter strict mode

• Default data rendering is disabled to prevent spam users to execute arbitrary JavaScript

• 30+ fixes to close vulnerabilities of RCE (Remote Code Execution) and XSS (Cross-Site Scripting)

  • Other Improvements of Magento 2.4

Magento 2.4 is more secure and faster than the previous versions of Magento 2. It has brought several enhancements to quality, security, and performance of the platform.

What’s more, tech stack components are updated in Magento 2.4. Other upgrades in platform and improvements in infrastructure, Magento GraphQL and Performance are mentioned below-

  • Platform Upgrades
• Magento 2.4 supports PHP 7.4 and PHPUnit 9.x

• It supports Elasticsearch 7.x and MySQL 8.0

• MySQL search engine is removed

• It supports MariaDB 10.4

• Support for Signifyd fraud protection code is removed

• Core Braintree module is removed

  • Improvements in Infrastructure
• Integrated composer update plugin

• Advanced version of the PayPal JavaScript SDK

• Removal of Worldpay, eWay, and CyberSource payment methods along with Web Setup Wizard

  • GrapQL Enhancements

Magento 2 GraphQL is an alternative to REST and SOAP web APIs. This data query language is useful for frontend development. The Magento 2.4 version has brought the following changes-

• Support for the Inventory In-store pickup with the help of pickupLocations query • The list of categories matches a specified filter using the categories query • reorderItems mutation enables a logged-in user to add all the items to the cart from the past orders

Other advancements in Magento 2.4 include enhanced Adobe Stock Integration v2.0, improved Inventory Management, and improvements in Vendor Development Extensions like Klarna, Amazon Pay, Braintree Payments, and Vertex. Also, the recent version has brought enhancements in the checkout, cart price rule, shipping, catalog, and sales.

How to Download Magento 2.4?

It is better to go through release notes for Magento Open Source 2.4.0 and Magento Commerce 2.4.0 before downloading the latest Magento 2.4 version.

Get ready to download the latest version now!

Existing Magento 2 store owners can leverage all the benefits of Magento 2.4. All they need to hire Magento developers from a reputed eCommerce development company.

Concluding Lines

Here we have covered all important information and updates of the recent Magento 2.4 version. At Semaphore, we strive to build robust solutions to meet your complex business demands effectively. If you want to boost your business online through a customer-friendly and feature-rich Magento store, just drop us a line at info@semaphore-software.com. Our expert consultants will gladly assist you to come up with a secure and appealing online shop.