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3 Ways Agile Development Can Benefit Startups?

Published: Sep 7, 2015  |   | 

Agile Development for Startups
Startups have a very low survival rate, specifically within the tech sector. There are zillions of challenges that come along the startup path. The ever changing market needs, funding related issues as well as a sustainable monetization strategy needs to be in place to help the startups grow. There are odd obstacles that cross the path of a start-up, and there is a one way of dealing with them all. Agile software development, if deployed, in a tech start-up, can reduce the obstructions in a methodical manner, though it does not at any point guarantee success.

How a Startup Works?

Before understanding whether or not agile methodology will work for startups, it is important to understand how a startup works in real life. Startups don’t have a roadmap in general. A startup constantly evolves, and grows. The goals keep changing, and in most cases the goals are short term, and the goals are related to funding in initial stages. Having said this, the startup environment brews creativity and passion while they keep developing the next big thing for the people around. There is a higher growth need among startups, and so you will need to essentially include a philosophy that will help startups rise. Here are 3 ways agile development can benefit startups. These hacks should be incorporated by the startups, if they want to grow and achieve their goals.

Working through Incremental Iterations

If you incorporate agile development to your startup, you will perform incremental iterations towards completion of a large scale project. You take small steps towards the completion of the project. With this methodology, you get to work on the development, testing and incorporating the changes simultaneously. So, basically you perfect one portion, before you move on to the other portion of development. This way the projects get done within months or weeks of initiating it. The goals set for your startup should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant as well as time bound. This is exactly the reason to include agile methodology.

Helps Meet Deadlines

For startups, meeting deadlines is of essence. It is never really possible for startups to keep up with the deadlines at all times. This is why Agile methodology comes to play. You get to use a process called iterative process, which helps move on with the project that has a short deadline. You will need to first create something, even if it is not the finished product it will do. The goal is to create, and not really finish the task.

Incorporate Changes with Ease

You will see that with project development, changes are constant and they will be consequential for your project. You may have funding issues, or other general issues wherein you will need to close down the project. With agile methodology, you gain flexibility as well as adaptability required to incorporate the small changes. The decision maker in this case should be engaged in the actual development. Secondly, the decision maker must have the ability to make quick decisions. Agile methodology will prove to get done with changes easily. Agile development is truly beneficial for the startup as they have to offer substantial things in nick of time, without compromising other functions. Semaphore software offers customized solutions incorporating agile development methodology to give out high quality solutions to startups. If you want custom development services, you can contact us via info@semaphore-software.com