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8 Common Myths on Outsourcing Web Development Services

Published: Jun 20, 2018  |   | 

What is the first thing comes to your mind when we’re talking about Outsourcing? It must be quality of workers, feasible geographic locations, and other job security. Every year remote work is becoming more and more popular as all the industries want to build their unique team that is specialized in software development. There are advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing in software development companies so don’t be in a hurry in choosing the company if they are providing cheaper services. There can be times when the results can be vice-versa. So here we have listed few myths about Outsourcing that should be avoided.

· It requires mature organization

All companies have to go through from startups to a mature level. It depends on the team how the work is done, and maturity level is set based on their value & profit generated.

· It is only for Big Companies

There are 90% of the clients that move from small to medium-sized companies. Choose the reliable partner is only the requirement rest everything depends on scalability, extension and other availability of resources on the market.

· Communication becomes difficult because of poor technical infrastructure

It is a misconception that communication becomes difficult between clients and other outsourcing teams. Generally, it becomes easy to communicate by using video conferencing equipment and different countries standards.

· Companies are located in politically unstable countries

There is one of the common myth that people generally faces as in some countries like Ukraine its likely to deliver some value regarding business performance. But this is not true in rest all developing countries.

· The output will be incorrect if the task is not specified

People like to express their ideas and opinions in contributing the development instead of merely following orders. Today in this new generation of IT companies, outsourcing companies are reaching the higher level of productivity and accuracy.

· Time and Distance issues

The difference in time has never been an issue in IT Outsourcing. There is no company who is available 24/7, but attending the regular meeting with the project manager is only the requirements. Modern technologies will help you to stay in touch with all the clients within or outside the countries.

· It is not suitable for highly skilled specialist and comes with security issues

A very common myth is people thinks that their security is in danger, but in actual it entirely depends on your remote team, it’s you who have to decide to whom you need to work with. As there is no any way to connect with outsourcing and none of them is protected from any fraud.

· Language and Cultural Differences

It is partially correct, as no self-respecting outsourcing company works mainly from different countries. Some companies hire specialist & don’t even know how to speak English, but due to mutual understanding and by doing business together they get to know & understand each other very well. Let’s see what bottom line says, We hope that the above myths convert into outsourcing benefits if you choose the right development approach. If you’re looking for a dedicated team which provides the right resources, then Silver Touch is the best option to give wings to your idea and take your business to the next level. Connect with us to raise your idea.