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7 Reasons Why your Business needs Android App Developers

Published: Apr 10, 2015  |   | 

Android App Developers
Android is a leading and one of the most popular Mobile OS platforms of recent times. A large number of manufacturers use Android OS in their Smartphone’s due to its popularity, flexibility, user-friendly features and it being an Open Source. Due to increased focus on Android, it has become imperative for businesses to develop feature-rich and effective Android apps to reach wider audience. Android platform is extensively used to build dynamic and interactive mobile apps. It also offers large number of simple and easy-to-use tools to develop. Here are 7 vital reasons for hiring Android app developers for your Mobile App development.

Wider Reach

Wider Reach
Google’s senior Vice President for Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai has announced that Android now has more than 1 billion 30-day active users, at Google I/O 2014
The first and most obvious reason for any business to hire Android app developers for creating innovative apps is to cater to the requirements of a large number of users. According to Strategy Analytics, Android reached a new milestone in the year 2014 with 1 billion Android OS devices being shipped for the first time ever and Android devices leading the Smartphone market with 81% market share. To reach the maximum number of Android users, you thus require ingenious apps, which can’t be developed without hiring competent developers.  

Marketing Advantage

Marketing Advantage An Android app will enable providing important information to your Android users like that of sales, discounts, new products & services and much more, right at their fingertips. Customers will get push notifications, helping you promote your products and services, being in constant touch with them and reminding them repeatedly about your products and services. Android apps improve customer engagement, helping businesses communicate with their clients, gain customer loyalty and get a competitive edge. A large number of users have diverse Android apps on their Smartphone’s, helping businesses to market & promote their products, reach customers easily and communicate with them effectively.  

Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition As the number of Android users is the largest, businesses can create their brand awareness among them. It is important for a business to make users download its Android app, helping get brand recognition and increasing the chances of sales.

Android’s Innovative Features

Android's Innovative Features Android offers a variety of user-friendly and innovative features like accelerometer, magnetometer, libraries for 2D & 3D graphics, video, audio & image files, SQLite for data storage and much more to create state-of-the-art apps. To utilize the full potential of Android devices’ features, you need experienced and expert developers who have already worked on the platform and have a knack for working with the latest tool & techniques to offer exclusive apps to your customers.  


Usefulness Android apps are very useful in managing, maintaining and tracking your inventory, purchase and sales data. They also provide real-time business insights through detailed reports. An Android app plays a vital role in all business stages right from planning and its execution to managing various business functions. Many businesses also require custom Android apps tailored to their requirements. Android app developers fulfill this need, helping businesses to save their precious time at affordable rates.  

Requisite Skills & Expertise

Requisite Skills & Expertise If a business wants to go mobile to fulfill the needs of its Android Smartphone customers, it would require technical knowledge of the Android platform, latest tools for development, programming languages and more. Instead of going through the trouble of learning Android programming, it is better to seek the services of an Android app developer. Thus, for the requisite skills & expertise in Android app development, businesses need the services of developers. Their experience in the Android development platform will help you to deliver powerful apps to your customers, resulting in client satisfaction.  

Focus on Core Activities

Focus on Core Activities By hiring Android app developers for your project, you can stay in touch with them through various communication channels, be updated about the project’s progress, get detailed reporting of the status of the project and gain a complete control over it. Whatever your business goal is, experienced and proficient developers will turn your app ideas into reality, helping you concentrate on your core business activities and taking your business to new heights. The deployment of Android apps is a very important decision for businesses. Hiring proficient Android developers will ensure delivery of the best possible app, built by blending their excellence with their experience. You will get those people on the board who have expertise in programming for Android and will give suggestions to improve your app. Android is a leading platform, known for its flexibility and enhanced features. So hiring Android app developers will give you desired results, leading to wider reach, improved brand awareness and enhanced revenues!! Semaphore Software has professional team of Android app developers, having rich experience in crafting powerful and interactive Android apps. Our dedicated developers are highly-skilled, have in-depth knowledge of Android platform and use the latest tools and technologies to create apps tailored to clients’ requirements. Get in touch with us through info@semaphore-software.com for your Android app development project!!