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6 Best Game Apps for iPhone / iPad / Android Smartphone Users

Published: Jul 8, 2015  |   | 

Top Game Apps for Smartphone
Games are the most important&widely used category in mobile apps. All games should haveunique ideas and visuals that magnetize users to play again and again. Good games keep grownups entertained and make kids quiet. Dominating the app-store charts, a good game can make mobile developers millions of dollars, or at least keep them in business to take a stab after stab at greatness. If you are playing the same game again and again then it is advisable to download some of the new entertaining, puzzled and aircraft mission apps. With advancement in Smartphone technology, Games are developed smartly by using many new Smartphone features such as, accelerometer, multiplayer over Internet or Wi-Fi. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad or Android, the App Store and Google Play is constantly updating its library to include new apps and games.No doubt, there are plenty of cool games that we are unaware of. So let us quickly go through with some cool brainstorming & entertaining apps developed by Semaphore Software:

Aircraft War Zone – iPad App:

Aircraft War Zone – iPad App:
  • Aircraft War Zone is the game designed and developed for the iPad users who love playing games based on war-field in their leisure time.
  • Mission based game and result points will be provided based on Time and Life.
  • For completing mission, the game provides 2 types of Aircrafts that is – T50 & F22.
  • During mission, aircraft is attacked by various enemies such as Aircraft SU37, S17, Asteroid, and Attacker.
  • User requires to save Aircraft from being shot and destroyed from enemy shots (bullets).
  • User can control Aircraft by moving iPad up/down or back/forth.(App is using the accelerometer sensor of the Smartphone that detects the changes inSmartphone movements)
  • The game provides 5 lives and game will be over once all lives are utilized.

The Thirsty Crow – iPad App:

The Thirsty Crow –iPad App
  • “The Thirsty Crow” game is based on the original folktale (moral story) of thirsty crow, stones & water.
  • By inspiring from the same story, “The Thirst Crow” app has been designed and developed specially for small aged kids.
  • Throw stones in the direction of the flying crow’s beak and then drop stones in the container.
  • With each stone dropped the water level rises slowly till the crow can drink it and that will be the end of the level.
  • Main features of the game:
    • 3 Scenes (themes) – Desert, Warehouse and Urban locales
    • 3 Levels in each scene
  • Here the difficulty at each level rises by increasing speed of Crow and number of stones required to raise the water level.
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Save The Beetle – iPhone, Android Smartphone App:

Save The Beetle – iPhone, Android Smartphone App
  • ‘Save The Beetle’ – An App designed and developed for saving the beetle from fireballs and eating bugs to earn reward points.
  • The application completely designed in a leaf design where a Beetle moving on leaf and user has to save the beetle from fireballs.
  • User can control beetle movement by moving Smartphone up/down or back/forth.(App is using the accelerometer sensor of the Smartphone that detect changes inSmartphone movements)
  • Difficulties in the game are Random Particle Attacks, Speedy Fire Attacks, Ball attacks, Time-limit and Negative Points.
  • If the Beetle is hit by the fire ball you lose ONE out of three lives.
Download it from  Google Play Store  

Crazy Ball – iPhone, Android Smartphone App:

Crazy Ball –iPhone, Android Smartphone App
  • A bouncing ball game that drives the users crazy bydestroying the robots with bouncing ball on paddle.
  • This crazy ball bounces top, left, right sides to break the layers robots hanging on the top.
  • As the ball moves down, user needs to hit the ball using moving paddle.
  • To prevent the ball from touching the bottom of the screen, user has to keep moving the paddle to bounce the ball upward to destroy the robots.
  • If user misses to bounce the ball using paddle and ball touches the bottom of the screen. IF the ball touches the bottom more than 3 times then user is out for the level.
  • Complexity of game increases as the user moves up.
Download it from iTunes & Google Play Store  

Boxing – iPhone App:

Boxing –iPhone App
  • An app designed specifically to fit into each and every age group for an energetic entertainment.
  • Though the boxing game is vastly liked by teenagers, this application successfully balances to capture and hold the interest of any gamer.
  • Single or two player game that uses accelerometer feature to measure the impact of the shake on the punching bag.
  • Two players’game works on a peer-to-peer network topology, where two players can play simultaneously.
  • Each game has 12 rounds and the score of each round is summed-up. The winner is the user with the highest score after 12 rounds of play.

Puzzlers – Android Smartphone App:

Puzzlers – Android Smartphone App
  • Shake your mind using 7 brilliantly logic-based games in single mobile app.
  • The 7 Puzzles are,
    • Slider:

      • Single player game
      • Upload image from camera or photo gallery
      • The image will be divided and jumbled in grids and user has to slide and arrange the image correctly to complete the game
    • Boxes:

      • Two player Game
      • Create more boxes quickly by connecting the dots one after the other turn-wise.
    • Rotator:

      • A time based single player game
      • Recreate the given image by rotating the given puzzled image either clockwise or anti-clockwise to get the right image
    • Knight’s Dilemma:

      • A time based single player game
      • A board game similar to chess with minor twist
      • The Knight’s horse has to cover the board within 64 moves in the stipulated time to win the game
    • Quadrix:

      • Single player game
      • To fit the colorful pieces together to make a whole Quadrix
    • Eight Queen:

      • Single player game
      • The Queen is limited to take only 8 moves to cover the board
    • Maze:

      • A time based single player game
      • Start from a point by joining points and reach to ending point
      • Here the difficultly is to join points without touching the maze borders and also not lift your finger off the screen
      • In short reach to the end of the maze in single attempt
Nowadays, Game applications are developed with more innovative and creative ideas. So if you have unique ideas for game development then contact Semaphore software through info@semaphore-software.com.