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5 Reasons to Select Ionic For Your Next Mobile App Development Project

Published: May 15, 2019  |   | 

reasons to select ionic

The digital platform is crowding up every second with fierce competition increasing on a day to day basis. With different businesses laying impressions on digitized portals, one can cover a large client base through highly dynamic mobile apps. However, small-sized business ventures don’t have high-end budgets to develop such mobile applications. Hence, ionic app development brings in a revolutionary transformation in developing engaging apps at affordable rates.

Ionic is a mobile app development framework that has advanced features with an open source platform. It belongs to an HTML5 development framework. Generally, developers select hybrid app development. However, ionic adds an advanced level as compared to a hybrid platform, and when a comparison was made; ionic was offered a reward for outstanding performance by active developers. This flexible to use framework comes with added benefits like easy access to third-party code manual, additional runtime platform support, easy and fast development features and much more to offer to the industry. You can hire an ionic developer to gain access to all the additional features and develop an app that can be linked with all the platforms.

The categories of applications being built for business purposes aren’t just consumer apps, although that remains a principal scenario. A large percentage of apps being developed with Ionic (41.7%) are in fact for internal-use applications. This is unswerving with a massive trend in the enterprise, where the worth of mobile apps pulls out beyond the vital flagship of consumer apps.

One can choose from the existing templates to develop an app and also add steady development changes to the given template. The framework allows deploying the applications of multiple portals with a single solution. It works with different languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Hence a developer team can use any language of their comfort and easy changes can be done while jumping from one language to another.

Every technology comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Ionic is an advanced version of hybrid app development and has its own set of functions along with predefined functionalities acquired from previous versions.

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Advantages of using Ionic comprises
  • Access to time effective solutions with a lesser development cost
  • Without concerning different portals, same coding interfaces are acknowledged while using ionic
  • Same programming language can be utilized, and the same codes can work for both Android and iOS
  • The advanced user interface is obtained while using AngularJS with ionic
  • The overall maintenance required for the developed app is less in comparison
Disadvantages of using Ionic comprises
  • The in-app performance level is low as compared to core development apps available in the marketplaces
  • Navigation for internal operations is difficult to monitor and track
  • Security wise it shows poor results as compared to native apps.
  • Confidential information gathered from the user’s end can be a bit dicey for storing on developing the application
  • Animations and designing tools are underdeveloped as compared to native apps
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Top 5 Reasons to Hire Ionic Framework Developer
  1. Open source platform makes futuristic development possible
  2. It is an open source platform. This creates runtime development opportunities and fulfills the needs of current developers. For every programming they do, it gets uploaded to the server and can be used by other developers as well. These add-ons make it a constantly growing community and doors are open for future generations.

  3. Cross-platform interfacing is successfully achievable
  4. The developers work hard on their coding for the same application that needs to be uploaded on several platforms. Consider a mobile app, now uploading it to Android and iOS platform is mandatory from the client’s side. For the same set of operations, developers have to write codes for two times differently. That is a sheer waste of time and money both. Hire ionic developer and you can get the benefit of cross-platform interfacing feature. This ensures that the same code written in one language by the developer is sufficient for the application to upload and operate on different platforms.

  5. Pocket-friendly solutions are offered effectively
  6. When you hire ionic framework developer and get your business a wholesome package of a long-term solution with the pocket-friendly amount, cross-platform interfacing has been very useful in reducing the development cost of mobile apps. In this digital age, people prefer mobile apps over websites that take a lifetime in loading and buffering. The market for Android and iOS is almost equal. Hence to gain optimum results from mobile app, it should run on both the platforms. It costs double if the same app has to be written with two different codes just for the sake of different platforms. Cross-platform interfacing saves time and money both.

  7. AngularJS accessibility helps in the overall development
  8. The functionality level enhances when AngularJS is used in alignment with ionic mobile app developer. It helps the developer to prepare programme codes with the same language that can be used on all portals. The basic level codes are available with AngularJs along with the accessibility of secure options for development. A developer can use the existing codes that are stored on the portal or he/she can generate one of their own codes and use them in designing. The same would be uploaded online on the framework that can be used by other developers for the same purpose.

  9. Cordova supports all the Ionic plugins
  10. Cordova hosts all the plugin operations of the ionic development framework. To keep on hold for logs, battery life, navigation, cameras and other add-on features that make the application more efficient. It enhances the performance level of the mobile app and makes it more attractive.

Key Takeaways

To suffice the needs of small and medium scaled businesses ionic is a practical, affordable and easy to use technology solution. The platform satisfies the needs of its customers, who can anytime turn towards ionic mobile app development for cost-effective and successful outcomes. It can help a company in withstanding the cutthroat competition involved in a booming market. The cross-platform development provided by this framework gives tremendous results in transforming a hybrid technology structure with extremely simple steps.