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10 Myths of App Development that You Need to Know

Published: Oct 27, 2018  |   | 

Mobile App Development Myths
We know that Mobile Applications are around us for a long time. As we are using it every day for the different purpose, say as to book ticket, order online, chat and communicate with friends and family. Due to growth in the mobile industry, there are various leaps and bound which are required to debunk? However, there are lots of app development myths that stand true from a few decades. Let’s have a closer look and find out which app development strategy we can use.

Myth 1: Making a Mobile App is expensive and difficult

The efforts that you’re creating in order with using the app development strategy will work in different factors. Such as platform compatibility, some features, Backend and other various types of employment and this list will continue to grow until you develop a mobile app for your purpose.

Myth 2: Web is better than App

There are lots of people who believe that building a good website is far better than App. But in actual, it’s better to invest in mobile application as it comes with various Statista and helps you to grow your business up to ⅔ of the world population.

Myth 3: It’s easy to find an app Development Company

Finding an app development company is not an easy job you need to spend some time and typically know the workflow of how to find the right app developers. First one needs to clearly define the requirements and know exactly what you’re looking for and which technology to work on.

Myth 4: The App release ends its development

The best way to understand is to imagine the whole process of developing the mobile app with understanding how to fix bugs and improve your app tool. Merely make the list of new tasks to be done and start completing it.

Myth 5: Mobile App Development is generally not used for doing Business

Several business owners don’t understand that how they can be benefited without having an app. Where most of them consider as a Myth that they will be doing better for not using the app for doing business

Myth 6: Outsourcing is worse than hiring an indoor team

When people hear the word outsourcing, then there are lots of people that consider using both the approaches that come with the massive attitude with helping in to save the development budget. With using the mobile outsourcing development, one can set the simple requirement with controlling the development process until the work is done.

Myth 7: Mobile App Development is nothing else but just coding

Do you believe this mobile app development myth is true? If you want to get a successful app really, then you have to pay the developers and make sure they work in the best way. The best thing to do over here is to prepare and review wireframe of your mobile app and think your idea throughout.

Myth 8: Build a perfect app for all platform with one try

The best thing to strive for doing the best is by offering more chances to succeed. Attract more investors and get the first customer feedback to test your idea.

Myth 9: Your app will get thousands of users without marketing

Don’t you dare think that your app will get thousands of users without even marketing your application? You’ll have the perfect technical perspective that is pointless. To get a combined marketing strategy, one can use various channels to increase your organic and inorganic downloads.

Myth 10: One can create the excellent app without Content

Have you ever thought about how to create an app that probably has no content in it? There are lots of services that will allow you to build a mobile application by filling the needed information. So we can say that this application development myth doesn’t exist.

Last word…

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