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Testing Services

App Testing Services

Gradually the complexity of applications is becoming higher. The complexity is higher as now applications have to be flexible and scalable keeping the consumerization requirements in mind. Complex applications involve social integrations, mobility solutions, cloud computing and analytics in the core. This has lead to a requirement for combination of enterprise applications, off the shelf solutions and in-house software development nuances. All this should be developed keeping in mind the flawless user experience requirement.

This is precisely why you require exclusive and extensive testing processes that involve advanced tools and expert consultation panels to help you deliver authentic solutions.

How Our Testing Services Helps?

We understand that quality of a software product or mobile application results in success of the business. Semaphore software offers best-in-class software infrastructure, combined with people who have experience in software testing thus offering competitive rates.

We have a comprehensive testing model that benefits the different sectors and industry. With utmost precision, professionalism and dynamism, our tester has successfully delivered outstanding results to our clients.

Here is how Semaphore Software helps derive benefits from testing services

  • We ensure rich user experience through our services by focusing on performance and security
  • We keep ourselves abreast with the disruptive trends, and incorporate them to match the conventional and new applications
  • We induce flexibility in the solutions with our testing standards to ensure faster time to market
  • We incorporate the testing standards and adhere to them to offer scalable and highly flexible solutions
  • We optimize the solutions using the testing services

Our Mobile Application Testing Services Include:

Mobile Application Testing

We offer independent QA and testing services that span the entire software release process, which includes formulating a test plan with test cases, execution, defect reporting & analysis, risk assessments & recommendations. We offer software testing, web testing, mobile application testing, and android app testing.

Why Choose Our Testing Services?

We understand both the business and technical aspects involved in testing, which is why we have created an innovative approach to deliver quick and quality based results.

  • Readily available testing practitioners to be deployed on projects
  • End to end testing during the development and even after the application is Live.
  • Reduce the number of bugs and the go to market time after development.
  • To give a sense of security to the customers that they are getting a bug free and redundant application.