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jQuery Development

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jQuery Development

Code Less: Give More

jQuery Application Development is one of the most effective JavaScript that builds applications for cross platforms such as iOS, Windows, and Android. jQuery mainly simplifies the complicated things and is extendible. If you have the light weighted framework, you can have enormous possibilities to create as many as the mobile web application.

Silver Touch jQuery Development Company

We use the best methodologies and practices to deliver the best jQuery Development Services which fits perfectly within your budget. With using Silver Touch services, one can achieve successful projects on time. Our expert’s team designs your applications to fulfill your requirements. The jQuery developers create plug-ins on the top of the JavaScript library using high advanced effects.

Some of our Core-Features

  • Animations: jQuery comes with inbuilt Animation used while web developing
  • Event Handling: With utilizing this event handling feature one can quickly capture the full range of events quickly.
  • Cross-Browser Support: Operates smoothly with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.
  • DOM Manipulation: jQuery makes effortless selecting DOM elements along with modifying the content.
  • AJAX Support: Using jQuery AJAX makes it quite easy to create a responsive & rich website as per your requirements.
  • Light Weight: jQuery is so lightweight which helps in building the website quickly and with higher speed.

Our Wide Range of jQuery Development Services

  • jQuery Plugin Development
  • jQuery Bug Fixing
  • jQuery UI Development
  • jQuery Application Maintenance
  • jQuery Mobile Application Development
  • jQuery environment Development
  • jQuery Outsourcing Development

Why jQuery?

  • Promote Simplicity

    jQuery is free and is light weighted. With using jQuery, the developer can easily understand the jQuery library with simple syntax & coding standards.

  • Page loads Faster

    jQuery reduces the waiting time for server response and loads webpage faster. We are using Standardized loading sections to make the process works better.

  • SEO Friendly-Websites

    jQuery can rapidly implement the content animation with using its impressive style effects. It can enhance the way, your website listed on Google, Bing and many other search engines.

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