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Big Data

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Big Data

Big Data Analysis

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Big Data

Big Data: Fast, Reliable and Credible

Silver Touch mainly focuses on data to enhance the effectiveness of business with providing the unique tailored solution to it. We offer better business which leads to Idea Economy and supports your business to market it in the fastest way. Silver Touch provides Hadoop and Spark clusters in very less time. Our expert team of Big Data can use both MongoDB and Hadoop together to manage large data using excellent features. We also know how to create a result-oriented Big Data Analytics Consulting solution for your businesses.

Key Benefits of using Big Data

  • Secure & Relevant: The average data security is satisfactory to the customer and relevant for filtering out irrelevant data.
  • Accessible & trustworthy: Accessing the right data is very difficult, so we monitor multiple systems to save data and average annual revenue.
  • Timely & Holistic: Our expert works maximum time each day to find and manage data within the organization with generating the best solutions.
  • Authorities & Actionable: 80% of the organizations come with multiple versions depending on the source of data, so we combine more companies which bring actual outcomes.
  • Product Improvement & Predictive Analytics: We analysis your products and adapt data overtime to generate more refined outcomes and corrective actions.
  • Improved efficiency & Competitive advantage: Discover ways to streamline your operation with improving your decision-making capabilities.

Our Possible Business Challenges

  • MongoDB

    If you’re looking for simplicity and flexibility, then MongoDB will manage & process your online data with ease. It comes with capabilities to achieve scalability for web data storage, mobile data management, and eCommerce.

  • Hadoop

    Hadoop is an excellent option for massive process and offline data. It relies on analytics and machine learning to handle unstructured data such as pictures, videos clips, and crowdsourced data.

  • Spark

    Spark provides exactly what you’re looking for, by providing a better and richer implementing functionality to support machine learning. It streamlines ease usage and powerful language support such as Java, Scala, and Python.

Why Choose Big Data?

  • Exploratory Data Analysis with using Data approaches
  • We use compatible Big Data Analytics Services Architecture Architecture
  • Get Cloud-based integrated Data analytics platform
  • Analytical information on real-time based activities
  • Machine Learning mechanism with decision making

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